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Displaying and Resaving your Acrobat Forms Data Format and Acrobat LiveCycle Forms

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JPDFForms is the leading solution for displaying your Adobe LiveCycle Forms (XFA PDF Forms) and Acrobat Forms Data Format (FDF Forms) on your tablet, smartphone and desktop. We take your Forms and automatically convert them into standalone HTML5 forms for use in any Browser on desktop and mobile. Interact and fill in your Forms whilst on the go by converting your content to HTML5 for use anytime and anywhere. JPDFForms provides an accurate and highly configurable solution and includes all the functionality from JPDF2HTML5 which makes it the best choice for all your PDF Forms conversion needs


XFA and FDF Form on your Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Support for Adobe Acrobat Forms like XFA PDF files and FDF forms.

Acrobat Forms Resaving

FDF/XFA Resaving Feature so you write changes back into the original PDF file using just the Browser.

Output Information for your Acrobat Forms

​Generate output Information for your Acrobat Forms when converted(XFA to HTML5 Conversion and FDF Forms) and edit directly if you wish or view statically.


Unlock your Acrobat Forms

Using the Universal language of HTML5, your forms can now can be read by any device with a browser. You can choose to display your Acrobat Forms (XFA and FDF) natively in a browser or choose to use the raw content in your own solution.

Maintain your business processes in conversion

JPDFForms will not only convert all Acrobat Forms (FDF and XFA) but also preserves the fucntionality within the forms (validation, dynamic actions, etc) with pure JavaScript.

Maintain your Business Processes

“Love what I see – we have a special requirement that led me to your site as one of our clients is using HTML5. Your software not only did that in seconds, but it brought interactive form fields and the properties that I customized in those fields. Excellent solution.”
-EBS Employee Based Systems (Customer Testimonial)

Technical Features at a Glance

100% Java

JDFForms is a 100% Java solution that converts XFA & FDF PDF Forms to HTML5

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Run on the cloud

Support for GlassFish, AWS, Azure, Red Hat, Oracle, Layershift Jelastic Cloud and more

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Forms Resaving

Resave HTML5 Forms back into PDF

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Example conversions
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