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Convert PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

Do you need to import or view documents in your SaaS application or portal?

Accurately display documents, manuals, books, drawings, any documents in SVG or HTML5


Healthcare icon

Patient notes, reports and medical information can be simply accessed and shared with other practitioners while being kept safe and secure.


Publishing icon

Magazines, Books, Newspapers and periodicals can be easily discovered and read on any device.


Education icon

Essays, notes and courses can be accessed, shared and reviewed online from any location.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing icon

Brochures, white papers, proposals, and bids can be made much more accessible and easily discoverable on the Internet.


Finance icon

Reports, statements, Shreadsheets and IRS/tax documents easily read on any device in the browser .


Government icon

Government documents, official reports, tenders, committee minutes, policy documents

Other use cases include

Academia (Research papers), Architecture (plans and designs), Aviation (technical manuals, tickets), Broadcasting (programme listings and show notes), Fashion (Designs), Industry (Health and Safety manuals, Operating procedures), Real Estate (property details), Recruitment (job postings and CVs), Transport (timetables and Maps) and general Business documents (reports, meeting agendas and minutes, plans and proposals)

Benefits of BuildVu

Viewing PDF files as HTML5 or SVG in the browser provides these additional advantages


Keep sensitive Documents securely on your servers and prevent copying or interception.

SEO and Search

Make your documents indexable and searchable from Google and other search engines so that users can find your content

Analytics and tracking

Record precise and detailed analytics and usage information from your users including real-time interactions..

Single Solution

Provide a single solution for all smart phones, tablets and Computers. Single solution forAndroid, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

Network traffic reduced

Send only the pages needed instead of whole documents. Lazy loading optimises the user experience.

No external software needed

Allow users to browse your documents using any of the Internet browsers installed as standard on any smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Single conversion

Convert content just once for multiple use. Take advantage of multiple Internet caching technologies.

Simple Integration

Genuine HTML5 or SVG content is simple to integrate into even the most complex portals and websites.

Like for like apperance

HTML5 and SVG allow even the most complex PDF documents to be accurately rendered like original PDF.

Features of BuildVu

Why BuildVu offers the best PDF to HTML5 conversion


Pure HTML5/JavaScript/CSS Viewer to display Documents in magazine, continuous or single page display modes. Complete navigation, zoom, thumbnails, text selection, search and access to bookmarks. Includes JavaScript API and customisable look and feel.

Viewer UI's

Display can be totally customised with different look and feel for display and CSS transitions for changing pages. Standard options included are Complete, Clean, Simple and SlideShow display modes..


Complete document viewing solution with the IDRViewer or page by page conversion into raw content to provide clean HTML5 content for use in your own viewing solution. Raw content is highly customisable with options including inlining and control of text selection.

Meta Data

Access to WordList, outlines, Annnotations, actions and thumbnails in easy to read JSON format. Provides low level data from the PDF files required to build complex, custom viewing solutions for the converted pages.

Font Conversion

Embedded fonts are totally restructured and written out as web fonts with numerous optimisations to adjust codepoint ranges and work in all web browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Safari) on all platforms

Office Conversion

Easy integration with LibreOffice or Office365 API extends software to provide seamless conversion from Microsoft Office file formats directly to HTML5 and SVG.

Deployment Options

Choose how you want to deploy the software

Install on your own servers
  • Run BuildVu on-premise on your own servers
  • Provides maximum security and performance
  • Documents never leave your control
  • Keep everything behind your firewall.
  • Secure, high-performance solution
  • Flat pricing structure – no need to track document usage.
Deploy on the cloud
  • Run BuildVu on your own Cloud server
  • Run on all major cloud platforms - Java8 only requirement
  • Secure, cost-effective and scalable solution to meet your growing needs
  • Create a web service accessible from any development language.
  • Free code examples in Ruby, C#, Java, Python, etc on our GitHub page
  • Flat pricing structure – no need to track document usage.
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Take a look at some of our example conversions

All of these examples have been converted with BuildVu

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BuildVu is a Java application that can be run directly from command line or deployed to a Java Application Server such as Tomcat or Jetty.

Trial BuildVu in the cloud

Try BuildVu from other languages such as PHP, Ruby, C#, NodeJS or Python without needing to figure out server configuration or implementation specifics.