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Display PDF files in the browser

BuildVu converts PDF files to HTML5 for phone, tablet and computer.


BuildVu offers flexibility with its licencing options

Buildvu runs on your own servers for security and performance


Buildvu can be deployed to the cloud for flexibility and cost effectiveness


A Single conversion solution for viewing documents in the browser

PDF Conversion

70% of the all documents are PDF files


Word Conversion

Convert the world’s most generic file format.


Image Conversion

Support for common image formats



Put document display back where it belongs at the heart of the user experience.

Our HTML5 Viewer displays documents as HTML5 in the browser and is easy to integrate seamlessly into your applications.

Buildvu provides a secure, scalable and highly configurable solution to convert PDF, Word and Image files into HTML5 for display in the browser.



Better engagment with your customers


Find out how customers are interacting with your content.



Give your customers the option to search your content.



Make it easier for your potential customers to find you


Meet the IDRViewer

Pure JavaScript/CSS viewer to display, navigate and interact with all your documents.

Light and Dark theme is user selectable.

View all page thumbnails and jump to page.

Single page, Continuous, Continuous facing and Magazine

Runnable video within the viewer

Full JavaScript API for control and configuration.







See for yourself how well it works

Wondering what your documents might look like when you’ve converted them?

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*Please note Java 8 is required

BuildVu Pricing

If you are still not sure of which licence you will require, please contact a member of our sales team for help.

Server Licence

Designed for users as an entry level licence for 1 or more physical or cloud servers *

Contact us

  • No additional charges for conversion or usage
  • Limited only by the number of Servers/Cores
  • Purchase additional licences for more capacity
  • Standard shrink-wrapped EULA Licence

Hosted Server

Designed for users who are looking for a fully hosted and maintained soloution

Contact us

  • Simple yearly fee
  • Fully Maintained
  • Purchase additional licences for more capacity
  • Standard shrink-wrapped EULA Licence

Enterprise Licence

Designed for enterprise customers who require a higher level of support

Contact us

  • All Server Licence options included
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Choice of Silver, Gold or Platinum Support Packages
  • Option to customise EULA Licence

OEM Licence

Designed for users who want to supply BuildVu as part of your product

Contact us

  • Simple yearly royalty fee
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Customise your support requirements
  • Option to customise EULA Licence

* A Server is defined as equivalent to AWS m4.xlarge instances with 4 vCPUs per server


Take a look below at some of our frequently asked questions.

Is the licence an annual or monthly fee?
A: All of our licences are billed annually. We will contact you 4 week before your renewal date.
I am still not sure what licence I need?
A: Contact us and our sales team will be able to help you.
Can I run the software on a virtual server?
A: Yes, you can run the software from your own physical or cloud servers
Is there a limit on the number of files I convert?
A: No, you can convert as many of your documents as your server can handle.
I only have a few files to convert, do I still require a licence?
A: We offer a per-document conversion fee and this comes with no support.
Can I run the software from my own servers?
A: Yes, the software has been designed and developed to be run independently from your own physical or cloud servers unless you are looking at the hosted solution.

Do you charge for Standby Machines?
A: No, we do not charge for standby machines so long as the machine is for back up purposes only.
Does the licence come with support?
A: Yes, you can find out more about our support system here.
Do you sell the licence without any support?
A: No, the support comes with the licence.
Are buildvu and PDF2HTML5 the same product?
A: BuildVu is the product and PDF2HTML5 is what the product includes.
Are buildvu and PDF2SVG the same product?
A: BuildVu is the product and PDF2SVG is what the product includes
What happens to my content if I choose to not renew my licence?
A: You can continue to use the content you have already converted. However, you must remove the JAR from your servers.