BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

Why Developers Choose Buildvu?

Genuine PDF Conversion

  • Convert PDF content and import into your software/SaaS application as SVG or HTML5.
  • Display documents natively in the web browser on any smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac.
  • Optimize the user experience by loading only the pages viewed instead of whole documents.

Flexible By Design

  • HTML5 or SVG content is simple to integrate into even the most complex web apps.
  • Simply embed the content, or optionally use our fully featured JavaScript viewer.
  • Keep sensitive documents securely on your servers and prevent copying or interception.

Quality Output

  • HTML5 and SVG allow even the most complex PDF documents to be rendered accurately.
  • Our developers have spent over 8 years optimising the generated content.
  • Real HTML text! BuildVu totally rebuilds PDF fonts to make them work in the web browser.

BuildVu Is The Perfect Solution For Developers Looking To Integrate Document Display Inside A Web Based Application Or Portal

Viewer UI

BuildVu also allows you to customise the way you view your documents. The UI options also include CSS transitions for when you change the page. You can choose from complete, clean, simple or slideshow mode.

Raw Content

If you're looking for more flexibility and control over your documents BuildVu provides the functionality to convert your content into Raw HTML5 so that you can use the content in your own viewing solution.

Meta Data

If you're looking to build your own complex viewing solution, BuildVu provides you with access to the low-level data in your PDF file in an easy to read JSON file. Access things like WordList, Outlines, Annotations, Actions and Thumbnails.

Font Conversion

Embedded fonts are totally restructured and written out as web fonts with numerous optimisations to adjust codepoint ranges and work in all web browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Safari as well as on all platforms.

Office Conversion

BuildVu integrates with LibreOffice or Office365 to extend its capabilities and provide seamless conversion from Microsoft Office file formats directly to HTML5 and SVG.

Deployment Options

Choose how you want to deploy the software

Install on your own servers

  • Run BuildVu on-premise on your own servers
  • Supports deployment using Docker
  • Provides maximum security and performance
  • Documents never leave your control
  • Keep everything behind your firewall.
  • Secure, high-performance solution
  • Flat pricing structure – no need to track document usage.

Deploy on the cloud

  • Run BuildVu on your own Cloud server
  • Supports deployment using Docker
  • Run on all major cloud platforms - Java8 only requirement
  • Secure, cost-effective and scalable solution to meet your growing needs
  • Create a web service accessible from any development language.
  • Free code examples in Ruby, C#, Java, Python, etc on our GitHub page
  • Flat pricing structure – no need to track document usage


All of these examples have been converted with BuildVu

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BuildVu is a Java application that can be run directly from command line or deployed to a Java Application Server such as Tomcat or Jetty.

Trial BuildVu In The Cloud

Try BuildVu from other languages such as PHP, Ruby, C#, NodeJS, JavaScript or Python without needing to figure out server configuration or implementation specifics.

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