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BuildVu is a complete solution to display many document types in the browser with a configurable viewer solution.

BUILDVU converts your documents into HIGH QUALITY HTML5

BuildVu makes it simple to display any documents in the browser on
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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retire flash and legacy solutions

It is time to retire flash and legacy solutions with something from the twenty first century. Give your users a lightning fast and optimised viewing experience.


Keep it simple. BuildVu requires no external dependencies, plugins, additional downloads or app installations on the client side.


BuildVu’s developers are obsessive about quality. When they are not making the content as true to the original as possible, they are working on even faster loading.

Don't just take it from us

Read what our customers have to say about us and our products

Love what I see – we have a special requirement that led me to your site as one of our clients is using HTML5. Your software not only did that in seconds, but it brought interactive form fields and the properties that I customized in those fields. Excellent solution

Awesome software and even better customer service (consistently received quick and accurate responses).

From our assessment, I think your software will be extremely helpful to us. We are, in essence, a start up. PDF to HTML could make us very competitive compared with others in our industry (legal services). Yours is the best converter we have found..

BuildVu will help expand your business


Add google analytics to find out how your users interact with your document


Display your full document on your website by embedding it. This way you’ll be keeping readers on your site.


Our software converts your documents to display professional-looking HTML5 Content


Automate all of your conversions turning your documents into HTML5 to use in your own viewer or content.


Our software can be run on your own servers or cloud servers (either directly or as a web service) and can be completely in memory for maximum speed.


Precise control over HTML5 output (including modes to provide selectable and non- selectable text and type of image used, types of fonts used, options to BASE64 inline content).

Single viewing solution for all your documents

BuildVu brings all your documents into the browser.


One solution for TIFF, JPEG, Dicom, BMP, JPEG2000, PNG, WEBP, GIF, WMF, PSD and many others.


BuildVu provides a complete solution for viewing all recent office formats including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


BuildVu provides advanced support for viewing all PDF files from a company which has been developing PDFViewers since 1999.

Cross Platform

BuildVu gives you HTML5 content which looks and feels like the original PDF document on both Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Tablet/Mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Meet the IDRViewer

Pure JavaScript/CSS viewer to display, navigate and interact with all your documents.

Light and Dark theme is user selectable.

View all page thumbnails and jump to page.

Single page, Continuous, Continuous facing and Magazine

Runnable video within the viewer

Full JavaScript API for control and configuration.







Here's some examples made with BuildVu

Wondering what your documents might look like when you've converted them?

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Server Licence

Entry level option for 1 or more cloud or physical server based on a yearly fee

  • No additional charges for conversion or usage
  • Limited only by the number of Servers/Cores
  • Purchase additional licences require more capacity
  • Standard shrink-wrapped EULA Licence

Enterprise Licence

Enhanced Level of support and options for Enterprise Clients based on a yearly fee

  • All Server Licence options included
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Choice of Silver, Gold or Platinum Support Packages
  • Option to customise EULA Licence

OEM Licence

Ship BuildVu as part of your product

  • Simple yearly royalty fee
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Customise your support requirements
  • Option to customise EULA Licence