IDRsolutions Technology and Community Partners

This is a selection of our customers and some of the innovative and novel ways they use our software to solve their business problems.

Development Tools
Abacus Logo

Abacus is Switzerland's leading independent Software Company with over 60,000 customers dependent on their financial software to run their businesses.

In 2004 they needed to add PDF support to their ERP software and choose JPedal after evaluating all the other options. It was also important to have a partner who could provide consultancy, bespoke development and fix issues quickly.

In 2010 they needed to display PDF documents and Forms on the IPad as high quality HTML5 and nothing suitable existed. So they turned to us as the only Company capable (mad enough!) to tackle this problem and BuildVu/Formvu have been a very successful joint collaboration ever since.

Adobe Logo

Adobe, are the inventors of PDF. They purchased Macromedia is 2005, and they wanted to add support for PDF to the Cold Fusion programming language. ColdFusion is written in Java whilst all of Adobe's technology was written in C/C++. They had the choice of either creating a new product in a language they did not use, introducing some very hacky solution, or finding an existing alternative.

As the creators of the PDF file format, using an external library was a big step! It was important that their users felt it had the same high level of support as Adobe's own libraries. After evaluating alternatives, they were impressed by JPedal's PDF support and abilities and have been using it ever since.

Jive Logo

Jive Software is the world's leading provider of social businesses solutions. Millions of users across the private and public sectors depend on Jive to keep their information safe and to help drive mission-critical business processes. They needed a tool to convert PDF files to HTML to allow their customers to easily view their documents online. However security is key to Jive's business model, making this element a top priority.

It is no surprise that they have chosen to use BuildVu. Not only does it allow their users to view important documents on the mobile platform it also permits Jive to hold all their data in-house maintaining the high level of security.

Senseware Logo

Senseware is a cloud-based IoT solution that continuously collects mechanical, electrical, environmental and plumbing data of clients' facilities to give them real-time, accurate insights. They wanted to provide real-time monitoring for their customers, to increase assurance of a healthy indoor environment and the confidence people need to resume life post COVID.

They needed somewhere to display all their files such as their real-time monitoring. BuildVu was integrated to display files in their platform.

Document Processing and Workflow

DigiSigner provides efficient signing contracts without leaving home and closing deals online in real-time. They help people around the world start new business relationships. They wanted an easy and convenient solution to help them offer their products to a range of users. It was really important to them that the visual representation exactly matched what their clients would see in Acrobat and that it work with a wide range of PDFs created by tools of varying quality.

That's why they started using JPedal to present contracts in a browser for easy (and hassle-free) viewing and signing.

Drumlin Logo

Drumlin Security Ltd is a worldwide IT service Company providing secure PDF document distribution. The company has gained trust from many publishing enterprises, corporates and individuals thanks to their secure PDF copyright protection service. Therefore they needed to provide the highest quality file conversion possible.

BuildVu helped them achieve this and give their customers the perfect document rendering in the browser as HTML5.

Stampli Logo

Stampli is a leading AP Automation software provider that specialises in processing invoices fast and efficiently with the use of AI, which reduces the time-consuming, manual work and also human errors. Due to the nature of the documents they work with they need to ensure the best quality of service to their customers.

To do this they use JPedal, which converts invoice PDF files into images and also allows convenient viewing of invoices in HTML that work on any browser.

Versitech Logo

Versitech Limited is a dynamic Hong Kong based software Company.

Their product Versitech e-Form is an end-to-end solution that provides a secure, efficient, and effective way for electronic form submission and processing. It connects end users to enterprise processing system directly without human intervention in-between. The Desktop product is written in Java. Therefore, they needed to find a solution that could render and work with PDF forms directly in Java.

They discovered JPedal! As a Java application they utilise JPedal for form rendering. It also meant they could easily display, convert, print and parse their PDF files in Java.

Academia Logo

Academia is the world's leading platform for sharing academic research with over 47 million papers and 102 million users each month. They needed to replace an existing system and to bring conversion in-house to cap spiralling costs. Continuity for core service was critical along with low maintenance costs and the ability to reprocess the back catalogue.

The solution needed to be at least as good, if not exceed, the current one in all aspects. The content needs to display as closely as possible to the original PDF while also being copyable.

BuildVu provided the sweet spot in terms of trade-offs between document fidelity versus content fidelity, along with attractive and clear pricing. The high level of support and the active product development were the icing on the cake.

MyPaper Logo

myPaper is a Swedish software company that focuses on developing concepts and technology for digital publications. They are one of Scandinavia's leading Software companies in this sector.

myPaper have services that enable the digitalisation of magazines, catalogs, books and other printed material to be viewed in a web-based and browsable format. They save their customers money on printing, paper and distribution. As myPaper handles many types of media they needed a tool to help them convert their media into high quality HTML5 to render inside their browser application.

BuildVu provides this important solution for myPaper! It allows them to convert media content and large catalogs of magazines, books, and other printed material in a manner that is sufficient for readers and uses while maintaining the format and integrity of the original documents.

Perlego Logo

Perlego is a digital online library also named as the “Spotify for textbooks” by the Evening Standard. With a mission to make educational material accessible they need to provide hundreds of textbooks and documents which are all in PDF file format. The PDF files need to integrate seamlessly into their HTML application. They needed a tool to quickly and efficiently convert their content into HTML.

They discovered BuildVu that allowed them to do just this! Now they are able to convert their documents hassle-free and build the necessary studying features on top of it (including highlighting, annotating, a search-within-book feature, and more).

Zinio Logo

Zinio is a multiplatform distribution service to digital magazines. They supply the best news, politics, technology, arts, lifestyle, travel magazines and many more. Zinio invites it's readers to connect with the stories that shape history and magazines that matter. As they distribute over 6000 digital magazines on various devices they needed to find a tool that allows them to convert their content into high quality SVG for their IPad application.

With distributing so much content to so many readers it is no wonder that they chose to use BuildVu. Not only does it quickly convert their content into high quality SVG, it also has many other features. These include customisation features and superior performance in rendering HTML5 and SVG. Zinio also chose IDR for their continued support, and regular releases.

Swiss Logo

Lufthansa Group travels to around 310 destinations worldwide! Covering so many airlines and so many routes, Lufthansa Group works with thousands of pilots who need access to lots of vital documentation. Some documents were previously displayed in PDF to their pilots. Whilst PDF is okay, they wanted to have it in high-quality HTML5. That is why Swiss had been using BuildVu in their own Pegma application since 2018.

They must rate it as since 2023 the Pegma system (using BuildVu for conversion) has been introduced within the whole Lufthansa Group! So you may well be relying on BuildVu every time you fly!

Travel Market Report Logo

Travel Market Report is an online publication that provides an in-depth coverage, analysis of news and key insights into the market. They were in need of a tool to help them display their travel reports in the best quality. Their content was good but they had no way of understanding what their clients liked best, due to a lack of visitor data.

After introducing BuildVu this was no longer an issue as they were able to capture their visitors data! They were also able to provide the best business advice and essential marketplace trends affecting the travel industry.