IDRsolutions Technology and Community Partners

Sample selection of IDRsolutions technology partners

Adobe Logo

Adobe, the inventors of PDF licensed IDRsolutions product, JPedal, for PDF printing and image conversion in their product ColdFusion.

"For continuously using the software, what the customer needs is good support for the issues that we face. And it is superb in that respect."

With superior performance features, regular releases and excellent support it is no surprise that they have chosen to use JPedal.

Engineers Logo

Engineers without Borders is an Australian based non-profit organization creating systemic change through humanitarian engineering. The specific goal through the initiative called the open journal project is to reduce and remove access barriers to scientific journals.

One of the biggest focuses of the open journal project is connectivity and PDF files. PDF Files always provide high-quality documents which allow for bookmarks and hyperlinks to be included. This has since become a standard for scientific documents.

However, PDF does have its problems, these include the connectivity and the download speeds. That is why the Open Journal Project uses BuildVu. HTML5 is much more of a superior format primarily because allows for significantly faster download times which makes it easier to distribute Scientific journals.

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Jive Software is the world's leading provider of social businesses solutions. Millions of users across the private and public sectors depend on Jive every day to keep their information safe and to help drive mission-critical business processes. It is no surprise that they use have chosen to use BuildVu to convert their client's PDF files into HTML so that their users can view important documents on the mobile platform. Jive chose IDRsolutions for their continued support, performance features, and regular releases.

Engineers Logo

For several years the University of Mississippi School of pharmacy has required their students to upload their written assignments in a PDF format. Requiring assignments in PDF format had solved some of the universities problems. However, one of the major issues that Dr. Gary. D. Theilman and the rest of the faculty were facing was not been able to add written comments to the students work while grading.

The PDF file format does not have the support for annotations to be stored in a personal database rather than the PDF itself which is why they have decided to use BuildVu. The University rewrote the online grading program such that when students upload their PDF assignments the document is converted into formatted HTML text so that it can be used with annotator.

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myPaper is a Swedish software company that since 2001 has focused on developing concepts and technology for digital publications. They are currently one of Scandinavia's leading companies. They have services that enable the digitalization of magazines, catalogs, books and other printed material to be viewed in a web-based and browsable format. Thus allowing them to receive valuable data on the reader's behavior.

myPaper is currently used by newspapers print shops and companies in the private and public sector in order to cost-effectively reach their readers while saving money on printing, paper, and distribution.

BuildVu provides an important solution for my paper allowing them to convert media content and large catalogs of magazines, books, and other printed material in a manner that is sufficient for readers and uses while maintaining the format and integrity of the original documents.

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QTreeSolutions is a young innovative company with a bold desire to drive the exciting world of mobile development.

Their goal: do what we are good at creating beautiful solutions, discover new domains and last but not least make our customers happy with top off-the-shelf products and services.

QTreeSolutions were looking to create a fully integrated cloud-based platform to distribute all sorts of content to iOS devices via a set of 100% branded apps. All content is rendered into these apps, allowing customers to present their content, and to manage their sales, events or fair participation.

One of the main content types used by roughly all customers is PDF. This is because it has a cross-platform media type that can be used to produce High-quality content. Simply opening a PDF on an iOS device was an adequate enough this is where the JPedal Java PDF library comes in.

JPedal allowed for PDF to image transformation, it could transform PDF pages automatically to high-quality PNG images which were able to provide a fully integrated solution. Customers could turn a PDF into a tackle interactive presentation.

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TapBookAuthor provides a visual and user-friendly tool to build and deliver interactive content for interactive books and the e-learning across all devices. The platform is cloud-based and used by leading publishers worldwide.

BuildVu provides an important solution for TapBookAuthor allowing them to digitalize your books or you can do it all by yourself using their application.

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Zinio is a multiplatform distribution service to digital magazines. They supply the best News, politics, Technology, Arts, style, travel magazines and many more. Zinio invites readers to connect with the stories is that shape history and magazines that matter.

With distributing so much content to so many readers it is no wonder that they chose to use BuildVu. With its customization, features and superior performance in rendering HTML 5 and SVG, it is a product that is perfect for their needs