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JPedal is written in 100% Java and does not need additional platform-specific native libraries to be installed. If it runs Java 8 or above, it runs JPedal.


The JPedal SDK includes a set of simple methods to perform common tasks such as PDF to Image conversion, PDF printing, Text extraction and search. The Java PDF viewer also includes a full API to integrate, customise and interact with in your code.


The JPedal SDK includes everything you need to view, print, search, rasterize, annotate and extract content from PDF files in your Java code.


JPedal has been specifically designed with developers in mind. Giving them the tools they require to add PDF capabilities to their own applications.


JPedal’s developers are obsessive about quality. When they are not making the content as true to the original as possible, they are working to reduce the memory usage and increase speed or fix odd PDF files.


JPedal provides its own API so you can quickly customise. Documentation and support are provided by the same developers work wrote the software so we can quickly answer your questions and help you.

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Support for JPedal is done extremely well and for continuously using the software, what the customer needs is good support for the issues we face. And it is superb in that respect.

The support provided in resolving issues is one of the best among multiple third-party providers that we have experienced..

We have found JPedal to be a reliable and easy-to-use high level PDF library.


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Java PDF Viewer

The Java PDF Viewer you have been waiting for

JPedal’s Java PDF viewer makes light work of multi-page display, searching, printing and annotations editing. The complete viewer solution which is fully customisable and controlled programmatically with via the API can easily be integrated into your own Java applications.

PDF to image conversion

Making sure that no Detail is too small

JPedal’s fully automated and seamless PDF to Image converter allows you to rasterize PDF files into Tiff, JPEG, PNG and other image formats, while also giving youthe option to upscale or downsample your output for the best results.

PDF Printing

Giving developers full control

JPedal gives developers the complete control over the Java PDF Printing process by providing direct support for printing PDF files to any local printer.

Java native print support does not support printing PDF files. Which is why we’ve written our own and added numerous enhancements to match the capabilities in Adobe Acrobat. And you can print directly from your Java code or Print in java through the PDF Viewer.

Just like PDF printing in Acrobat, JPedal gives complete control over the java PDF printing process allowing you to scale, center, rotate, fit to page, print over the page, and more. Last time we counted there were over 50 possible PDF print combinations available in JPedal to cover every PDF printing requirement.

  • Print from Server or client in Java
  • 100% Java and multi-platform
  • Fully automated
  • Print all or range of pages
  • Option to print your own content on pages
  • XFA support
  • Highly configurable
  • Single JAR

PDF Text extraction

Access the textual content in your PDF documents

JPedal allows developers to retrieve key business information within PDF files by extracting specific text along with its location and metrics. It can also extract text as XML if the PDF contains structured text.

PDF Text Search

Find exactly what you are after

JPedal allows users to search through the contents of a PDF file by using keywords and regular expressions and returning page and location of any matches in the PDF file.

PDF Forms and Annotation

Fill in your PDF Forms

Forms and Annotations content can be written, edited and added to PDF files programmatically.

  • All JPedal releases include XFA Support
  • Access raw XFA xml data streams
  • Display Signatures
  • Support for mixed XFA/legacy files
  • Correctly display legacy XFA data


Desktop Site Licence


For production usage for up to 150 desktop Users at One physical Location. Targeted at Developers, Small & Medium Enterprise.

Server Site Licence


For production usage on a server with up to 12 Cores at One physical Location. Targeted at Developers, Small & Medium Enterprise.

OEM Licence

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Use JPedal in your named application with unlimited usage in a single application. Targeted at APP Developers and Enterprise