Java PDF Library for Converting, Viewing, Printing PDF Documents

JPedal makes it easy for Java Developers to display PDF files by converting to image on the server or in a complete Java PDF Viewer on the client.

Why do Developers use the JPedal Java PDF library?

JPedal is a Java PDF library written to solve many of the problems Java developers need to solve when working with PDF files in Java. These include creating image thumbnails or high-resolution image bitmaps of pages, viewing PDF files, printing of PDFs, extracting text and automatically searching PDF files. JPedal also includes numerous small utilities to simplify tasks such as accessing metadata and PDF properties, getting a page count, reading and writing Annotations and Forms data.

Faster PDF Processing

JPedal is 3-4 times faster than free alternatives, including lots of optimisations to improve performance and reduce memory usage. Many of our competitors are even using an outdated JBIG2 decoder that we open sourced over 12 years ago!

Handle Problem Files

Our developers have encountered and fixed thousands of problem files created by third-party tools which fail to open in other libraries. JPedal also supports obscure PDF features such as XFA, portfolio files, and PDF layers.

Expert Support

We keep our development and support teams in house so that our customers can speak to knowledgeable experts who can quickly diagnose and resolve problems. We have over 20 years experience working with PDF and building software our customers can trust and rely on.

Modern Java PDF Library

JPedal has been around for a long time but it hasn't stood still. JPedal has a modern codebase which uses Java 8 as a minimum whilst also taking advantage of later versions using Java's multi-release jar functionality.

Server Side Features

JPedal provides a completely automated solution for working with PDF files in Java. Convert the pages of any PDF files into images from Java, other languages or command line. Create small thumbnails or pixel-perfect high resolution bitmaps of the pages in PDF files. Automate tasks such as printing PDF files, extracting text or images from PDF, or searching the content.

Convert PDF to Image

JPedal provides a completely automated solution to convert PDF to image from Java, other languages or command line.

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Automated PDF Printing

JPedal fully supports Java Printing Services and will print to any printer installed on a server with Java 8 or later.

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Extract Text from PDF

The JPedal Java SDK includes tools to allow you to extract text from PDF programmatically.

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Extract Images from PDF

JPedal allows you to Extract Images from PDF at the highest possible quality.

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Automated PDF Text Search

JPedal allows you to search PDF files for any text string (with support for Regular Expressions).

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Access PDF Metadata

Access PDF file metadata including document properties, page sizes, outlines, page count, form data, and more.

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Client Side Features

JPedal provides a fully featured PDF Reader for integration into clientside Swing applications. The JPedal PDF Viewer includes everything you would expect from a PDF Viewer such as multi-page display, searching, printing and annotations editing, and can easily be integrated into your own Java applications.

Swing PDF Reader

JPedal's Java PDF Viewer makes light work of multi-page display, searching, printing and annotations editing.

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Print PDF Files

JPedal can view and print PDF files and this functionality is easily accessible from any Java GUI Application.

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Search PDF Files

JPedal includes the functionality to be able to search a PDF for specific text and wildcard matches.

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Form Filling

JPedal supports both XFA and FDF forms and can be used to read, write and view PDF forms in Java.

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Add and Edit Annotations

PDF Viewer includes a GUI editor to create and edit PDF Annotations via the user interface.

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Limit User Access to PDF files

PDF Viewer is totally customisable and any feature can be removed including printing, saving and text selection.

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