View, Extract and Convert PDF Files in Java

JPedal is a Java SDK that makes it easy for developers to display, convert, print and parse PDF files in Java.

Display PDF files in Java Apps

JPedal provides a complete Java PDF Viewer which is easy to integrate and customise into your Java applications.

Convert PDF Files to image

JPedal is a Java SDK which can be easily integrated into Java code or web frameworks to convert PDF Documents into image files in multiple formats.

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How It Works

JPedal is supplied as a jar which can be accessed directly from your code.

1. Add the IDRsolutions repository to your pom.xml file:

        <name>IDR Solutions</name>

2. Add the JPedal dependency to your pom.xml file:


It solves the following problems with addition of just a few lines of code:

Viewer viewer = new Viewer();viewer.setupViewer();viewer.executeCommand(Commands.OPENFILE, new Object[] {"pdfFile.pdf"});
ConvertPagesToImages.writeAllPagesAsImagesToDir("inputFileOrDir", "outputDir", "bmp", 1.33f);
ArrayList<Float[]> resultsForPages = FindTextInRectangle.findTextOnAllPages("/path/to/file.pdf", "textToFind");
PrintPdfPages print = new PrintPdfPages("C:/pdfs/mypdf.pdf"); if (print.openPDFFile()) {    print.printAllPages("Printer Name");}
ExtractClippedImages.writeAllClippedImagesToDir("inputFileOrDirectory", "outputDir", "outputImageFormat", new String[] {"imageHeightAsFloat", "subDirectoryForHeight"});
ExtractTextAsWordList.writeAllWordlistsToDir("inputFileOrDirectory", "outputDir", -1);
final PdfUtilities utilities = new PdfUtilities("path/to/exampleFile.pdf"); try {    if (utilities.openPDFFile()) {        // Returns a String containing all metadata fields for the document        final String documentPropertiesAsXML = utilities.getDocumentPropertyFieldsInXML();         // Returns the total page count as an int        final int totalPageCount = utilities.getPageCount();         for (int i = 1; i != totalPageCount; i++) {            // Get the page dimensions for the specified page in the given units and type            final float[] pageDimensions = utilities.getPageDimensions(i, PdfUtilities.PageUnits.Pixels, PdfUtilities.PageSizeType.CropBox);             // Returns the image data as a String for the specified page            final String xImageDataForPage = utilities.getXImageDataForPage(i);        }    }}catch (final PdfException e) {    e.printStackTrace();}utilities.closePDFfile();
WritableAnnotation[] annotations = new WritableAnnotation[2];annotations[0] = new SquareAnnotation(1, 10, 10, 100, 100);annotations[1] = new CircleAnnotation(2, 10, 10, 100, 100);AnnotationWriter.writeAnnotations(inputFile, outputFile, annotation);

Why do Companies buy JPedal?

This is what they tell us makes them choose JPedal over other free and commercial alternatives.

Performance and Reliability

JPedal is typically 3-4 times faster than alternatives and includes lots of optimisations to improve performance and reduce memory usage.

Provides Easy Integration

JPedal includes lots of sample code and APIs for easy integration into your code. Adding a feature into your code is usally cutting and pasting 2-3 lines of code.

Simple Licensing Terms

JPedal can be used on a server or OEM license basis for a one-off fee with optional yearly support and access renewal. We tell you the prices on our website.

Includes Expert Support

Our in-house support team have direct access to our development team so that our customers can speak to knowledgeable experts to quickly diagnose and resolve problems.

Supports Modern Java

JPedal has a modern codebase which uses Java 8 as a minimum whilst also taking advantage of later versions using Java's multi-release jar functionality.

Includes Source Code Access

JPedal OEM customers get full source code access to JPedal as well as the binary jar.

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