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You can still have PDF forms in the browser and our solution is much slicker and better integrated than the old solution of Acrobat Reader LiveCycle

Do you need to display acrobat forms in the browser?

FDF and XFA are magically transformed into real, standalone HTML5 Forms which can even resave back into the original PDF.

Control your forms

Control your forms

Fully integrate forms into your software.

Cross platforms


FormVu is able to provide a consistent experience on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Integrate easily


FormVu provides a completely customisable document viewer with its own API so you can quickly customise.

Invest in your future


FormVu has been actively developed inhouse by IDRsolutions since 2010 with daily and weekly builds for customers.

  • Deploy to suit
  • Our solution is designed to be run on your own servers, hosted on cloud servers or to create your own web service. Build your own ultra-secure in-house system or create your own custom web service.

  • Sleep Better
  • The software has been deployed in mission-critical systems worldwide, processing millions of files since 2011 with daily releases and monthly available to provide timely updates to any problems .

  • Built by Experts
  • IDRsolutions has been developing since 1999 and provide regular technical speakers on Java, PDF and HTML/SVG at conferences. We helped peer review the PDF 2.0 specification.

XFA Form Examples

FDF Form Examples


Viewer Solution

Viewer Solution

XFA and FDF Support

No Dependencies needed

No dependencies

Complete Forms viewer solution

FormVu provides everything required to display your forms inside the browser inside a highly customisable Viewer which can be customised and programmatically controlled from JavaScript. It can even save back changes into the PDF form file.

Support for XFA and FDF

FormVu supports both XFA and FDF form filetypes, converting both into standalone HTML5. In XFA, FormCalc and JavaScript are supported.

Standalone output

FormVu converts files into standalone content which can run in a browser. Once converted, there is no server dependency or round-tripping.

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*Please note Java 8 is required to run the JAR


Server Licence

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Entry level license for limited number of servers.Targeted at Developers, Small & Medium Enterprise.

OEM Licence

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Bespoke company-wide license for use in an Enterprise. Specifically targeted at Small & Medium Enterprise.