Display PDF forms in the browser

FormVu converts PDF Forms into standalone HTML with interactive form components

Why Do Developers choose FormVu?

FormVu converts all PDF Forms into standalone HTML to display in Browser.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

FormVu provides HTML/JavaScript/CSS content for Chrome, Edge, FireFox and Safari on Linux/MacOS/Windows and also mobile/tablet devices running Android or iOS.

Render Forms correctly

The PDF forms will appear in the Browser as they appeared in Acrobat with correct layout, formatting and styles. Embedded Fonts are converted.

Convert all Forms

FormVu supports both AcroForms and XFA Forms. All forms are converted into HTML5/CSS and JavaScript preserving style and layout.

Preserve business logic

JavaScript is converted to run inside the browser, preserving validation and calculations in the Forms. XFA FormCalc is also supported.

Simple to setup

FormVu provides an easy-to-use converter. It does not require a dedicated server or infrastructure and generates clean, standalone HTML content.

Integrate into existing workflow

FormVu is designed to integrate easily into the existing PDF workflow. Data can be edited, updated and resaved back into the orginal PDF document or sent back to the server.

Here are some examples of how our customers use our software

Financial Services

A Financial Services Company has Forms on Ipad and saves data back into ERP.


Application Forms have been integrated into client web portal.

Tax Agency

US tax documents can still be filled in within a Browser.

Healthcare Provider

IPad based mobile solution allows medical staff to continue using current forms.


A plane manufacturer streamlines its purchasing system for suppliers.


Insurance Company has been able to automate its Document claim submission.


A Bank provides internal access to financial Forms for all their staff.

Immigration Services

All the US Federal forms have been integrated into a simple Browser based SaaS.

Example PDF Forms converted into HTML

All of these examples have been converted with FormVu

AcroForm Example Conversions

Credit application form Conversion example
Dental form Conversion example
Order form Conversion example

XFA Forms Example Conversions

Dynamic form Conversion example
Expenses form Conversion example
Purchase order form Conversion example

FormVu Key Features

FormVu allows developers to convert the Adobe Acrobat PDF Forms into high quality, standalone HTML Forms.

Document layout preserved

FormVu preserves the orginal Document layout. On XFA dyanamic forms, reflow and form addition/removal are retained.

Form elements converted

FormVu converts all form elements into equivalent HTML5, preserving values and use of images.

JavaScript/FormCalc support

FormVu converts any AcroForm/XFA JavaScript and XFA FormCalc so that it will work correctly in the Browser.

Automatic conversion

FormVu runs as a configurable batch process on Cloud or physical servers without user intervention.

HTML Viewer

FormVu converted content is displayed in an HTML5 Viewer which provides navigation, zooming, etc.

Data Resaving

Altered Form values can be saved directly back to PDF file or posted back to server as http request.

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