Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions


Why do developers trust IDR solutions?
We have ongoing proactive development of all our products and they receive rapid responses when they contact us for help
Yes, BuildVu, FormVu, JPedal and JDeli all have free trials
We have a resposive support team that aims to get back to our developers within 72 hours (normally faster). They all know the product very well as they help to develop it.
"We needed really good but fast support, which we got" -RR Donelly
Bugs are fixed very often and new features are released frequently.


Why do developers trust BuildVu?
BuildVu does not require additional software on the clients' devices. Documents can stay securely stored on their server rather than needing to be transferred to our server or their clients' computers. Their is also flexibility to use a cloud server to convert documents and then later switch to running BuildVu on their servers.
It makes it easy to display PDF files in any web application, across all devices without JavaScript. SVG files are resolution-independent making them widely scalable and accessible.
There are free online converters that would be suitable for one-time conversions. However, our clients often need to convert mass amounts of PDF files to HTML5/SVG. BuildVu enables them to do so quickly and accurately


Why do developers trust FormVu?
FormVu allows the continued use of existing workflows by easily integrating into their systems.It has no dependency on any other software in the converted output.
FormVu only converts interactive form files. We recommend BuildVu if you are looking for a static PDF conversion.
Since the web browsers stopped supporting the Adobe Acrobat PDF plugin for security reasons, PDF forms can no longer function in web browsers. Converting them to HTML enables them to continue being used and makes it easy to integrate into new applications that work across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Why do developers trust JDeli?
JDeli generates smaller files with no performance penalty. It also reads and writes additional formats without platform dependencies and has the ability to handle broken files.
JDeli can currently read into Java: BMP, DICOM, EMF/WMF, GIF, HEIC, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PSD, SGI, TIFF and WebP.
JDeli can currently write from Java: BMP, GIF, HEIC, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, WebP.
We try to make this as simple as possible. Either:
1. Replace any usage of ImageIO.read/ImageIO.write with JDeli.read/JDeli.write
2. Use our ImageIO plugin


Why do developers trust JPedal?
Our clients value how reliable JPedal is, with 20 years+ of active development, modern Java support and codebase. JPedal has optimal speed/memory usage compared to alternative products.
JPedal is a Java PDF Library that makes it easy for developers to display, convert, print and parse PDF files in Java.
JPedal has great quality and range of PDF to Image output options. It can work with badly damaged PDF files and supports obscure PDF features such as PDF portfolios.