The IDRsolutions Story

Developing innovative Java, PDF and HTML5 solutions since 1999.

Why are we called IDRsolutions?

Our first contract was with Rupert Murdoch's News publishing group. Our founder's daughter was 6 months old at the time and putting handprints on anything left on the kitchen table, including our copy of the contract. Her initials are IDR and she 'signed' our first contract!

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Our first logo

Small by design

There are many large Companies out there which are amazing places to learn and thrive (read our guest OnStartups post on 7 reasons you need to work for a large Company).

But we have kept IDRsolutions deliberately small by design. We feel this is the optimum size to develop our products, give our customers the highest level of support and provide the workplace where we thrive best.

Meet Our Team

We’re not bots at IDR! Here’s a quick look at the team that you will be speaking to when you reach out to us. We take our work very seriously and ourselves less so. We all get together for two fun 'training' days each year (escape rooms, bowling, darts, fun and food with no work). We also have a relaxed, geeky xmas party of pizza and silly games.

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Photo of Mark
Photo of Kieran
Photo of Sam
Photo of Leon
Photo of Suda
Photo of Zain
Photo of Daniel
Photo of Amy
Photo of Jacob
Photo of Chika
Photo of Cassie
Photo of Kore & Ersa
Photo of Dante
Photo of Larry
Photo of Lucie(fur)
Photo of Mabel
Photo of Milo
Photo of Zoey

...and our Pets!

We are big animal fans at IDRsolutions. Life would just not be the same without them! Meet our furry friends and find out what makes them so special.

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A Brief History

IDRsolutions started in 1999 and it has been an amazing journey so far. Here is our timeline with some of the highlights so far.

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Our timeline
Answering questions at our first conference

How did it all start?

These are the three questions Mark gets asked most often as founder of IDRsolutions

1. Why did you end up starting IDRsolutions?

2. How did the hiring placement students start?

3. Who is your favourite customer?

Get to know us better

We often attend conferences such as BoS, Devoxx, DevFest, CodeOne and Community events and do talks ranging from the very serious and technical to an entertaining and silly one about Asteroids and kittens.

IDRsolutions Logo

Why Companies buy our software

IDRsolutions is a small company with big clients. Over the years we have worked with the biggest organisations such as Adobe, IBM, Intel, Nasdaq, News Group, Oracle, Pearsons and Reuters, as well as many smaller organisations and startups.

We like to think it is because we write really great software. We suspect it might also be because as a small, geeky group we are very passionate about what we do. Which is why some of them have been customers for decades.

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Our environmental impact

We did our first carbon audit for 2022 and now publish this annually. Having a baseline we now aim to make improvements and to regularly review all our activities.

One result is that we now use the train in preference to flying whenever possible. We wrote up our experiences on a recent trip to Switzerland.

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Recent Swiss trip

Our Blog

We have an in depth blog where we talk about all things related to PDF, Java and HTML5. Check out our most popular articles.

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What products do we produce?

We have been developing PDF viewing solutions since 1999. Click on the links below to find out what all the fuss is about!