The IDRsolutions Story

Developing innovative Java, PDF and HTML5 solutions since 1999.

Our Story

IDRsolutions was founded in 1999. Our first product was some bespoke software to help News International integrate their publishing and web systems (it actually started life as a coding project for an MSc at Greenwich University). In 2001 we started writing a PDF library in Java (JPedal) which is the basis of all our current products.

IDRsolutions Logo

Our Company

We have always been proud to be a small, boot-strapped software company, based in the UK but with major clients across the world. We are still owned by the founders. Companies have been relying on us to provide PDF viewing solutions for their own developments since 1999.

We also have a Japanese distributor who helps look after our Japanese clients. You can find out more about them here.

We currently have over 200 active customers world-wide, including many who have been with us for over a decade and have tried and tested our technology in the field.

Our Team

We are a small and passionate team of developers working from home or the office. Most of us have been here for several years or more. We take our work very seriously and ourselves less so. We always want to be learning and improving and our Friday afternoons are devoted to independent learning.

IDRsolutions Team

Our Offices

We all work remotely and also operate from 2 locations in the UK. In the South-East we have a suite of offices at Churchill Square, Kings Hill, Kent. This is on the site of the former RAF West Malling Airfield. This was a key air base in the Battle of Britain and we have been evacuated on occasion due to newly uncovered unexploded bombs! In the Midlands, we have an office just opposite New Walk Museum, Leicester and we often use the cafe there for our meetings and brainstorming sessions.


Why are we called IDRsolutions?

Our first product was designed for Intelligent Data Republishing of content at News International. Our founder's daughter also has the initials IDR and signed our first contract with her handprint. Take your pick on which you prefer...

Getting to know us

We have a popular blog where we talk about all things related to PDF, Java, HTML5 and events we attend. We are online at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We often attend conferences such as BoS, Devoxx, DevFest, CodeOne and Community events and do talks ranging from the very technical to entertaining and silly. We enjoy getting together for team building days and special events. We have even perfected a virtual Christmas party.

Our Products

Companies have been relying on us to provide PDF viewing solutions for their own developments since 1999. Find out what all the fuss is about!