FormVu Buyers Guide

Find out more about FormVu, what it does, who should use it and why you would use it.

Formvu Buyers Guide

Should we use FormVu? This is a guide to help you to decide. It explains what FormVu is, who it's for, who it is not for, and what makes it worth purchasing. We hope it makes your decision easier!

What problem does FormVu solve?

FormVu converts Adobe PDF forms (XFA and FDF) into standalone HTML5 documents which display in the browser. This allows developers to display forms in browsers on desktop, tablet and phones and to integrate into web applications.

What are PDF forms and HTML?

PDF forms allow you to enter and save data in a PDF document. They are used for a range of purposes such as tax and immigation forms, financial, healthcare, and purchasing forms, as well as a wide range of other use-cases that require data entry and capture.

HTML is the language used by web browsers for the pages you see in a browser.

Why convert PDF forms into HTML?

Since the web browsers stopped supporting the Adobe Acrobat PDF plugin for security reasons, PDF forms can no longer function in web browsers. Converting them to HTML allows them to continue to be used and makes it easy to integrate into new applications that work across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Are there free tools to convert PDF forms to HTML?

There are other commercial solutions to convert PDF forms into images to display in the browser, but we are not aware of any which can preserve the forms or convert XFA.

Why do developers buy FormVu?

Our customers tell us the reasons they choose FormVu include:

  1. No dependency on any other software in converted output
  2. Allows continued use of existing workflows/investments
  3. Ease of integration into their systems.
  4. The quality and range of forms conversion.
  5. Ongoing proactive development of the product.
  6. Being able to contact someone when they need help and getting rapid responses

What happens if we stop paying for FormVu?

You can no longer convert new forms, but all existing forms will continue to work and you can use them as you wish.

Is it possible to try out FormVu before I buy?

Of course. There is a trial version of the latest release available.

Can I read any independent user reviews of FormVu?

Yes. We have added FormVu to the independent review site g2 so that anyone can read (and write) their own views on the software. You can find them here

I have a question that is not listed above

There is an open portal for any technical queries and you can talk to our sales team via zoom or email.