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Cloud Subscription


Convert documents using the shared IDRsolutions cloud server to host on your own servers.

What's included:
  • No branding
  • Converted documents are yours to keep forever
  • Convert 1 document at a time
  • Maximum 100MB filesize allowed
  • Standard support via email/service portal
  • Standard priority support tickets only
  • Convert up to 500 documents per day
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Self-Hosted Server License

USD/year (per server)

Runs BuildVu converter on your own cloud or on-premise server with up to 8 cores.

What's included:
  • No branding
  • Standard support via email/service portal
  • Converted documents are yours to keep forever
  • No additional charges for conversion or usage
  • Install on cloud or physical server
  • Standard shrink-wrapped EULA license
  • Up to 3 high priority support tickets

Enterprise License


We also offer an enterprise license for companies with more demanding requirements.

What's included:
  • All server license features
  • Software can be run on up to 4 production servers
  • Premium support via email/service portal or Zoom
  • Up to 12 high priority support tickets
  • Up to 5 hours free consultancy or development time
  • Quarterly update call on development plans
  • Option to customise EULA license
  • Option to switch between HTML and SVG versions

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Options Pros Cons
Do nothing Free. No effort. Problem is not solved
Build it yourself Full control and tailored to your exact use case Time, skill and resource consuming. Very hard to get right.
Use free alternatives Cheap and lots available Not accurate and poor quality. No support
Commerical Viewers Supported display only solution. No clear pricing and no access to HTML content
BuildVu Genuine HTML to display and manipulate. Clear pricing and support. Not free. Support team do not get out much.