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This free online converter is powered by BuildVu. BuildVu is a document conversion SDK that allows developers to build HTML solutions that work with PDF files.

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How to convert PDF to HTML

  1. Select the PDF file you would like to convert
  2. Configure the conversion using the advanced options
  3. Convert your PDF file to HTML
  4. View or save your newly created HTML file
  5. For bulk in-house conversion, try BuildVu

Commercial version for developers

The commercial version of BuildVu offers support and various ways to run the software as part of your software stack. Here are some (but not all) of the common methods you can use to try it out:

HTMLConversionOptions conversionOptions = new HTMLConversionOptions();
// Set conversion options here e.g. conversionOptions.setCompressImages(true);

IDRViewerOptions viewerOptions = new IDRViewerOptions();
// Set viewer options here e.g. viewerOptions.setViewerUI(IDRViewerOptions.ViewerUI.Clean);

File pdfFile = new File("C:/MyDocument.pdf");
File outputDir = new File("C:/MyOutputDirectory/");

PDFtoHTML5Converter converter = new PDFtoHTML5Converter(pdfFile, outputDir, conversionOptions, viewerOptions);

try {
} catch (PdfException e) {
java -Xmx512M -jar buildvu.jar /inputDirectory/ /outputDirectory/

# Or add in custom settings to adjust the output to your preference
java -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.exampleSettingOne=<value> -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.exampleSettingTwo=<value> -Xmx512M -jar buildvu.jar /inputDirectory/ /outputDirectory/
require_once __DIR__ . "/PATH/TO/vendor/autoload.php";

use IDRsolutions\IDRCloudClient;

$endpoint = "" . IDRCloudClient::INPUT_BUILDVU;
$parameters = array(
    'token' => 'YOUR_TRIAL_TOKEN', // Token provided to you via e-mail
    'input' => IDRCloudClient::INPUT_UPLOAD,
    'file' => 'path/to/file.pdf'

$results = IDRCloudClient::convert(array(
    'endpoint' => $endpoint,
    'parameters' => $parameters

IDRCloudClient::downloadOutput($results, 'path/to/outputDir');

echo $results['downloadUrl'];

BuildVu works with

Command Line

The only online PDF to HTML converter powered by BuildVu.

PDF is the world's most common document file format. For just displaying a PDF file in a SaaS application or browser, HTML is a better option, as the user does not need to use additional software or to leave the application.

The PDF to HTML converter is a free online service to convert single PDF files into standalone HTML content. It uses BuildVu for PDF to HTML conversion. BuildVu is for customers who want to convert many PDF files to HTML automatically as part of their workflow.

BuildVu is a Java application which can be run from any Computer language as a simple micro-service. It runs on cloud or physical servers.

BuildVu includes a large number of optimisations not in the free online converter, including the ability process lots of PDF files, simple integration with LibreOffice to handle Office files, and much more control over the conversion process.

PDF Information

Name PDF
File Extension .pdf
MIME Type application/pdf
Category Document Format
Description PDF (Portable Document Format) is a document format which can include links and buttons, form fields, audio, video, and business logic. PDF files are very popular because they are portable across different systems but they are not ideal for showing content online and on mobile devices.

HTML Information

File Extension .html
MIME Type text/html
Category Document Format
Description HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the core language of the internet and is used to design and build web sites. Converting documents to HTML allows the document to be displayed in the web browser, allowing you to view the document on any desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online converter free to use?
Yes, our online converter is free to use.
Does the online converter include support?
No, there is no support included with our online converter.
Is there a limit on the number of files I can convert?
Yes, we allow you to convert 5 files per day. If you are looking to convert more documents than that please contact our sales team.
Is a limit on the file size?
Yes, there is a 50MB file size limit.
External hyperlinks do not work?
The free online converter does not support hyperlinks to prevent phishing. Hyperlinks are supported in the commercial version of BuildVu, however.
Can I use my converted file on my website?
You can use it for any legitimate commercial or personal use so long as you do not remove the watermark linking to our converter.
How long do my files stay on your server for?
Your files will be stored on our server for up to 1 hour. If you wish to use your converted document, please download and host it on your own servers.