Convert PDF Files to HTML or SVG Using Node.JS

BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

What is BuildVu

BuildVu is a tool for developers looking to display documents inside their web or mobile based application or portal. By converting PDF documents to HTML or SVG, BuildVu provides a flexible solution which is simple and easy to integrate.

BuildVu also integrates with LibreOffice to provide a complete solution for converting PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents to HTML or SVG.

How does it work?

BuildVu is a Java application which runs directly from command line or can be deployed as a web-application via Docker or Java Application Server (such as Tomcat or Jetty). Deploying BuildVu as a web-application provides a REST API which allows you to convert documents from any language including Node.js.

BuildVu is available to license to run on your own servers, or alternatively we offer a monthly subscription to access our cloud server.

How to trial BuildVu using Node.js

Get started with the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the trial below to get your authentication token
  2. Ensure Node.js (or higher) and NPM is installed
  3. Run the following command: npm install --save @idrsolutions/idrcloudclient
  4. Copy/Paste the code on the right

The trial runs on the IDRsolutions cloud server and allows up to 20 conversions. Your files will be stored on our server for up to 1 hour.

require_once __DIR__ . "/PATH/TO/vendor/autoload.php";

use IDRsolutions\IDRCloudClient;

$endpoint = "" . IDRCloudClient::INPUT_BUILDVU;
$parameters = array(
    'token' => 'YOUR_TRIAL_TOKEN', // Token provided to you via e-mail
    'input' => IDRCloudClient::INPUT_UPLOAD,
    'file' => 'path/to/file.pdf'

$results = IDRCloudClient::convert(array(
    'endpoint' => $endpoint,
    'parameters' => $parameters

IDRCloudClient::downloadOutput($results, 'path/to/outputDir');

echo $results['downloadUrl'];
require 'idr_cloud_client'

client ='' + IDRCloudClient::BUILDVU)

conversion_results = client.convert(
    input: IDRCloudClient::UPLOAD,
    file: 'path/to/file.pdf',
    token: 'YOUR_TRIAL_TOKEN' # Token provided to you via e-mail

client.download_result(conversion_results, 'path/to/outputDir')

puts 'Converted: ' + conversion_results['downloadUrl']
using idrsolutions_csharp_client;
var client = new IDRCloudClient("" + IDRCloudClient.BUILDVU);

    Dictionary<string, string> parameters = new Dictionary<string, string>
        ["input"] = IDRCloudClient.UPLOAD,
        ["token"] = "YOUR_TRIAL_TOKEN", // Token provided to you via e-mail
        ["file"] = "path/to/file.pdf"

    Dictionary<string, string> conversionResults = client.Convert(parameters);

    client.DownloadResult(conversionResults, "path/to/outputDir");

    Console.WriteLine("Converted: " + conversionResults["downloadUrl"]);
catch (Exception e)
    Console.WriteLine("File conversion failed: " + e.Message);
var idrcloudclient = require('@idrsolutions/idrcloudclient');

    endpoint: '' + idrcloudclient.BUILDVU,
    parameters: {
        input: idrcloudclient.UPLOAD,
        file: 'path/to/file.pdf',
        token: 'YOUR_TRIAL_TOKEN' // Token provided to you via e-mail

    failure: function(e) {
    progress: function() { },
    success: function(e) {
        console.log('Converted ' + e.downloadUrl);
from IDRSolutions import IDRCloudClient

client = IDRCloudClient('' + IDRCloudClient.BUILDVU)
    result = client.convert(
        token='YOUR_TRIAL_TOKEN' # Token provided to you via e-mail

    outputURL = result['downloadUrl']

    client.downloadResult(result, 'path/to/outputDir')

    if outputURL is not None:
        print("Download URL: " + outputURL)

except Exception as error:

Why run BuildVu from Node.js?


The REST API is easy to access from Node.js using our open source Node.js client and simple example code.


Convert documents to static HTML5 or SVG which is easy to integrate into custom systems.


Subscribe to access our cloud server, or alternatively host your own server using our docker image.

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