BuildVu Buyers Guide

Find out more about BuildVu, what it does, who should use it and why you would use it.

BuildVu Buyers Guide

Should we purchase BuildVu? This is a guide to help you to decide. It explains what BuildVu is, who it's for, who it is not for, and what makes it worth purchasing. We hope it makes your decision easier!

What problem does BuildVu solve?

BuildVu converts PDF documents to HTML5 or SVG. It provides developers with HTML5/SVG versions of documents which are very easy to display in web applications.

What is HTML5 and SVG?

HTML and SVG are the languages used to create web pages. They are supported by all Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices, and even some embedded devices such as the in-flight entertainment screens onboard some aircraft.

Why convert documents to HTML5/SVG?

Converting documents to HTML5 or SVG makes it really easy for developers to integrate document display in web and mobile applications and to build additional functionality around the document.

It is a single solution that works across devices. No need to duplicate your effort for Desktop, Android and iOS. This saves your developers time, gives users a more consistent experience, and is ultimately better for everyone.

Does BuildVu support office documents too?

Yes! BuildVu works really nicely alongside LibreOffice (a well-supported free alternative to Microsoft Office) to provide conversion of Office formats to HTML/SVG. This works by converting the Office document to PDF with LibreOffice before passing to BuildVu to convert to HTML/SVG.

Are there free tools to convert PDF to HTML5?

Great question!

Yes, your developers have likely already tested and rejected free solutions. Our customers typically reject them for the following reasons:

  1. Low quality HTML/SVG which is slow to load, does not look like the PDF document or is just an image of the page
  2. Poor compatibility with lots of PDF files converting poorly or failing to convert at all
  3. Excessive file size due to reliance on open source software that was not designed for this purpose
  4. No support from the developers when things go wrong
  5. High setup and maintenance costs due to an excessive number of dependencies which need to be configured
  6. Lack of development with no daily/regular new releases and no new features
  7. Minimal configurability to alter the way content is generated to suit your requirements (e.g. faster conversion vs lower output file size)

Why do developers buy BuildVu?

Some companies are selling solutions that host the document for you and convert it in realtime. There are also free and commercial viewers which run on the client. Our customers tell us the reasons why they choose BuildVu over these solutions are:

  1. No lock-in so they are free to continue displaying converted content in case they choose not to renew their licence
  2. Documents can stay securely stored on their server rather than needing to be transferred to our server or their clients' computers
  3. BuildVu is powerful enough to fulfil their requirements and is not complicated by additional features they will not use yet still pay for
  4. No dependencies or additional software on the clients' devices
  5. Faster, as the document is processed ahead of time, rather than when viewed
  6. The original document does not have to be transferred to the clients' machine
  7. Easy to extend and gives them the tools needed to adapt to their use case
  8. BuildVu is a single solution that works everywhere which means they do not need to duplicate their effort to support additional platforms
  9. They could get started using the IDRsolutions cloud server to convert documents and then later switch to running BuildVu on their own servers
  10. Our support team was responsive and quick to solve their issues, especially compared with other vendors they are familiar with

What happens if we stop paying for BuildVu?

You only need to pay for BuildVu whilst you have documents you need to convert. Once converted, the documents are yours to keep forever.

No longer need to convert additional documents? Simply switch off BuildVu and all prior converted documents will continue to work as normal.

Is it possible to try out BuildVu before I buy?

Of course. There is a trial version of the latest release available.

Can I read any independent user reviews of BuildVu?

Yes. We have added BuildVu to the independent review site g2 so that anyone can read (and write) their own views on the software. You can find them here.

I have a question that is not listed above.

There is an open portal for any technical queries and you can talk to our sales team via zoom or email.