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This free online converter is powered by BuildVu. BuildVu is commercial software that allows developers to integrate PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion in their own software.

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How to convert PowerPoint to HTML5

  1. Select the PowerPoint file you would like to convert
  2. Configure the conversion using the advanced options
  3. Convert your PowerPoint file to HTML5
  4. View or save your newly created HTML5 file
  5. For bulk in-house conversion, try BuildVu

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The only online PowerPoint to HTML converter powered by BuildVu.

Unlike other PDF converters that simply bolt together a collection of low-quality free libraries, BuildVu is a purpose-built PDF to HTML5 converter designed for commercial use which offers higher quality conversion, lower file sizes and more configuration options. Find out what makes BuildVu different from other solutions.

Smallest File Size

Intelligent output that is optimised to create smaller, faster loading HTML5 files.

Highest Quality

Complex or poor quality PDF documents are converted into accurate, high quality HTML5.

Accurate Fonts

Embedded fonts are totally rebuilt so that converted documents contain real, searchable text.

Standalone Content

Converted content is standalone with no dependencies on any external libraries or components.

Searchable Text

Text can be searched and picked up by SEO if desirable. Or it can be made copy-protected.

Ideal HTML5 PDF Viewer

Find out what makes BuildVu the ideal HTML5 PDF viewer.

Are you a developer? Learn how to convert PowerPoint to HTML in your own code!

BuildVu integrates with LibreOffice to convert PowerPoint to HTML5 or SVG in your own software.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular document format for creating presentations. For viewing a PowerPoint presentation in a SaaS application or browser, HTML5 is a much better choice because the user does not need any other software or to leave the application.

The Online PowerPoint to HTML5 converter is a free online service to convert single Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into HTML5 content. It makes use of LibreOffice (an Open Source office suite which can also be run on a server) to convert Microsoft PowerPoint documents to PDF. BuildVu then converts the PDF file to HTML5. This approach generates much better HTML5 files than the direct HTML output from LibreOffice.

BuildVu is designed for customers who want to convert lots of Microsoft PowerPoint documents into HTML5 to display in the browser

BuildVu is coded in Java but can be run from any Computer language as a simple micro-service or directly. It runs on both cloud and physical servers.

BuildVu includes lots of additional features, including the ability to process lots of documents, simple integration with LibreOffice and much more control over the conversion process.

PowerPoint Information

Name PowerPoint
File Extension .ppt
MIME Type application/
Category Document Format
Description PowerPoint is a presentation document format which can contain text, images, charts, diagrams etc. Microsoft PowerPoint files use a .ppt, .pptx or .pps filename extension, however OpenOffice and LibreOffice formats such as .odp, .fodp, .odg, .fodg and .sti are also supported by the online converter.

HTML5 Information

Name HTML5
File Extension .html
MIME Type text/html
Category Document Format
Description HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a document format used by web browers. HTML can include text, images, links, and interactive content. HTML is widely supported across devices making it ideal for providing consistent desktop and mobile viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online converter free to use?
Yes, our online converter is free to use.
Does the online converter include support?
No, there is no support included with our online converter.
Is there a limit on the number of files I can convert?
Yes, we allow you to convert 5 files per day. If you are looking to convert more documents than that please contact our sales team here.
Is a limit on the file size?
Yes, there is a 100MB file size limit.
Can I use my converted file on my website for commercial use?
Yes please feel free to use it, however, you must not edit the file.
How long do my files stay on your server for?
Your files will be stored on our server for up to 1 hour. If you wish to use your converted document, please download and host it on your own servers.