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Get Started with FormVu

Option 1: Convert from Web

Try FormVu from the web browser. Upload your document, wait for the conversion to finish and then download the output!

Your trial allows 20 conversions. Your files will be stored on our server for up to 1 hour.

Option 2: Run FormVu from the Command Line

The most popular way to run FormVu! Download the software and convert files in bulk locally from the command line.

Step 2: Read the command line instructions

Option 3: Run FormVu from Java

Add FormVu to your Java project using Maven or Gradle and convert documents using the Java API.

Step 2: Read the quick-start Java guide
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Option 4: Use our Trial Cloud

Run FormVu via our cloud trial server using PHP, Ruby, C#, Node.JS, Python or JavaScript. Your access token is ---

Step 1: View code examples

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Option 5: Self-Host with Docker

Host your own FormVu Web API using Docker.

Step 2: Read Docker instructions
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