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Convert PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG


The best way to display PDF documents in the browser and get them found on the internet

Import existing Documents

Convert Plans, Maps or any document into SVG to use in your Software/SaaS App

Full Analytics/SEO

SVG text can be indexed by Google and appear in searches. SVG content can be tracked in detail and user interactions followed in realtime.

High quality display

SVG is powerful Vector format, ideal for rendering even the most complex PDF Documents.

Secure, high performance viewing

Documents never leave your servers and the network traffic is kept to a minimum by only sending the necessary pages as highly compressed SVG.

SVG is Cross Platform

SVG content which looks and feels like the original PDF document on both Desktop
(Windows, Mac and Linux) Tablet/Mobile devices (Android, iOS)

SVG can support all PDF features

Bring all your PDF content into the browser.

Scalable Vector Graphics

PDF vector content is intelligently converted into zoomable SVG. Redrawing is totally inside the browser


PDF text content is converted into real SVG text and make full use of SVG individual text kerning.


Images are clipped, optimised and converted into separate web images.


Embedded PDF fonts become optimised SVG fonts for the web

Full Colour support

All PDF colours are accurately converted into sRGB.


All content can be BASE64 embedded in a single file (as with PDF files) or kept as separate content.