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Convert PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

Why convert PDF into HTML5

There are 4 key advantages from converting PDF to HTML5

Import existing files

Import PDF content as SVG or HTML5 into your software/SaaS application.

Analytics and SEO

Content as HTML5 can be indexed in Google and tracked in detail with user interactions followed in real-time.

Display quality

HTML5 is powerful enough to render even the most complex PDF documents accurately while keeping the searchable text content.

Security and performance

Documents never leave your servers and the network traffic is kept to a minimum by only sending the necessary pages as HTML.

Developed by PDF Experts

The PDF engine that powers BuildVu has been in development by IDRsolutions since 1999 and has been tested against millions of files. We have total control of the codebase and can quickly fix issues and add new features.

Heavily Optimised

Our developers allocate time to focus solely on improving file size and rendering performance of converted documents. BuildVu benefits from years of optimisations to provide the cleanest and most accurate HTML5 conversion for any PDF file.

Handles complex PDF files

Our customers repeatedly tell us that BuildVu handles files they did not expect it to. And for really impossible PDF files, BuildVu attempts to fallback cleanly to always provide displayable content.

Extensively Tested

Our developers regression test all changes against over 500 files to ensure we are moving in the right direction. We test multiple browsers across platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari on MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.


HTML5 content which looks and feels like the original PDF document can be displayed on both Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) Tablet/Mobile devices (Android, iOS).

HTML5 can support all PDF features

Bring all your PDF content into the browser.


PDF bookmarks can be converted into clickable HTML5 links which can be internal of external links to other Documents.


PDF annotations can be converted into HTML5 links complete with actions.


PDF Video and rich text content use the HTML5 Video tag to display interactively in your document.


PDF text becomes searchable unicode text in HTML5 and embedded PDF fonts become web fonts

Vector Graphics

PDF vector content becomes optimised SVG and remains zoomable.


Attached sound is converted into clickable HTML Sound Buttons.

Convert PDF to HTML5 with BuildVu