Convert PDF Files to HTML or SVG Using Docker

BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

What is BuildVu

BuildVu is a tool for developers looking to display documents inside their web or mobile based application or portal. By converting PDF documents to HTML5 or SVG, BuildVu provides a flexible solution which is simple and easy to integrate.

BuildVu also integrates with LibreOffice to provide a complete solution for converting PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents to HTML or SVG.

How does it work?

BuildVu is a Java application which runs directly from command line or can be deployed as a web-application via Docker or Java Application Server (such as Tomcat or Jetty).

Our Docker image is hosted on DockerHub and extends the Tomcat base image to provide a REST API to interact with BuildVu from other languages such as PHP, Ruby, C#, NodeJS, Python or JavaScript.

We have tutorials for running with Docker locally or deploying with Docker to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud, and DigitalOcean.

Quick Start Trial Guide

  1. Sign up for your free trial below
  2. To run locally, ensure Docker is installed and follow our local deployment tutorial
    docker run -p 80:80 --mount "source=/path/to/war/buildvu-microservice.war,target=/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT.war,type=bind" idrsolutions/buildvu
  3. To deploy in the cloud, follow our cloud deployment tutorials
  4. Once running, follow our tutorials to access the REST API

Why run BuildVu from Docker?


Docker runs on all major cloud platforms, making it easy to deploy BuildVu as a web service and integrate into customer systems.


Run behind a firewall on-premise on your own servers or on a dedicated cloud server to keep documents and content protected.


Running from Docker makes it easy to migrate to a higher performance server or spin up additional instances to provide additional capacity.

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