Convert PDF Files to HTML or SVG from the Command Line

BuildVu Converts PDF files to HTML5 or SVG

What is BuildVu?

BuildVu is a tool for developers looking to display documents inside their web or mobile based application or portal. By converting PDF documents to HTML5 or SVG, BuildVu provides a flexible solution which is simple and easy to integrate.

BuildVu also integrates with LibreOffice to provide a complete solution for converting PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents to HTML or SVG.

How to trial BuildVu from the Command Line?

Get started with the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the trial JAR below
  2. Ensure Java 8 (or later) is installed
  3. Open a command line window in the same location as the buildvu jar
  4. Execute the command on the right

Quick Start Trial Guide

  • To use BuildVu-HTML run the following command
    java -Xmx512M -jar buildvu-html.jar /inputDirectory/ /outputDirectory/
  • To use BuildVu-SVG run the following command
    java -Xmx512M -jar buildvu-svg.jar /inputDirectory/ /outputDirectory/

For more advanced usage instructions, view our documentation for running BuildVu from the command line.

Why run BuildVu from the Command Line?


The command line API offers one of the simplest ways to run BuildVu. Simply ensure that Java 8 or later is installed and get started converting documents!


Run BuildVu behind a firewall on-premise on your own servers or on a dedicated cloud server to keep documents and content protected.


The command line interface easily translates to running BuildVu on external servers or executing a shell process in any programming language.

Trial BuildVu for Converting PDF Documents to HTML5 or SVG

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