IDRsolutions Pets Page

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Cassie provides HR services in Sam's office, enforcing proper screen breaks for lunchtime walkies and head scritches - when she's not asleep on the job!

Kore & Ersa

Kore works closely with Kieran, sharing a desk which she takes half of despite requiring much less space. Being a rescue has made her shy of strangers but affectionate when you get her trust. Ersa prefers to spend her time watching all the work from afar. She sits on a shed roof in a neighbours garden watching Kieran work. Always keen for an adventure, she follows him whenever he leaves the house.


A fierce and powerful crested dragon, Dante defends Jacob's household from evildoers when he's not too busy busy sleeping in awkward poses.


An exceptional project manager and a tremendous hard-worker, Larry and his co-workers diligently oversee the general maintenance of Jacob's terrarium on behalf of Dante, ensuring cleanliness and the good health of the ecosystem.


Lucie(fur) loves cuddles, snoozing and terrorising small creatures and birds in the garden. She regards the bathroom window as her catflap. She always knows where to fetch Mark when she needs anything. She does a mean Garfield impression.


Gone, but much missed and never forgotten, Mabel was Mark's chief cat 2007-2023 and always ready to sit on the keyboard when she needed a tummy scratch. She had her favourite warm tile in the kitchen where everyone had to step over her.


Milo is always up for keeping Amy company when she's working from her parents as long as he can sleep and share a little bit of lunch. He ensures many tea breaks are had with biscuits and after work exercise in the park is a must.


When Zoey is staying round she always helps Amy get up way before work and gets her morning exercise in as well as lunchtime walkies. She gives work time support in the form of nudges for tummy tickles and will always be up for sharing snacks.