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JPedal XFA Forms support

What is XFA?

XFA stands for XML Forms Architecture, and is part of a family of proprietary XML specifications that were developed by JetForm to enhance the processing of web based fillable forms, however starting at PDF Specfication 1.5 it was possible to be used with XFA, but XML Forms Architecture was not standardized when the PDF Format became an ISO standard.

Regarding the XML specfications which are XFA’s main extension they are computationally active tags, which means any instances that were created from any given XFA form template will keep the specification of data capturing, rendering, and manipulation rules from the original XFA document. A big advantage of XFA is that the data format allows for the compatibility with other systems, and with changes to other technology, applications and technology standards.

PDF files with XFA forms/Fillable forms are generally created with Adobe LiveCycle.

Do you have an example of XFA on JPedal?


JPedal with XFA Support

xfa with signature

This is a XFA Supported PDF with a signature.


Key Features


  • All JPedal releases include XFA Support
  • Seamless integration with other JPedal features
  • Support for pure XFA PDF files
  • Support for mixed XFA/legacy files
  • Correctly display legacy XFA data if both found


Quick Start


Here is a quick snippet of code to add the viewer to your existing application: *

See the full Documentation and Support or Download Trial Jar

Q & A


Q: Is XFA in the JPedal Java PDF Library SDK?

XFA Form support is available in all versions of the JPedal Java PDF Library SDK.

Q: Is there a Free Trial I can download to try the JPedal Java PDF Library?

A: Yes, you can download the 30 Day Free Trial JAR for the JPedal PDF Library by clicking here.

Q: Do I need to purchase features separately?

A: No, everything you need to develop an application that requires a world class Java PDF SDK is included in one complete package - you do not need to purchase additional modules.

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