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How to get JPedal

Add the IDRsolutions repository to your pom.xml file:

        <name>IDR Solutions</name>

Add the JPedal dependency to your pom.xml file:


Add the IDRsolutions repository to your build.gradle file:

repositories {
    maven {
       url = ""

Add the JPedal dependency to your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.idrsolutions:jpedal-trial:2023.09'

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Viewer viewer = new Viewer();
viewer.executeCommand(ViewerCommands.OPENFILE, "pdfFile.pdf");
ConvertPagesToImages.writeAllPagesAsImagesToDir("inputFileOrDir", "outputDir", "bmp", 1.33f);
ArrayList<Float[]> resultsForPages = FindTextInRectangle.findTextOnAllPages("/path/to/file.pdf", "textToFind");
PrintPdfPages print = new PrintPdfPages("C:/pdfs/mypdf.pdf");

if (print.openPDFFile()) {
    print.printAllPages("Printer Name");
ExtractClippedImages.writeAllClippedImagesToDir("inputFileOrDirectory", "outputDir", "outputImageFormat", new String[] {"imageHeightAsFloat", "subDirectoryForHeight"});
ExtractTextAsWordList.writeAllWordlistsToDir("inputFileOrDirectory", "outputDir", -1);
final PdfUtilities utilities = new PdfUtilities("path/to/exampleFile.pdf");

try {
    if (utilities.openPDFFile()) {
        // Returns a String containing all metadata fields for the document
        final String documentPropertiesAsXML = utilities.getDocumentPropertyFieldsInXML();

        // Returns the total page count as an int
        final int totalPageCount = utilities.getPageCount();

        for (int i = 1; i != totalPageCount; i++) {
            // Get the page dimensions for the specified page in the given units and type
            final float[] pageDimensions = utilities.getPageDimensions(i, PdfUtilities.PageUnits.Pixels, PdfUtilities.PageSizeType.CropBox);

            // Returns the image data as a String for the specified page
            final String xImageDataForPage = utilities.getXImageDataForPage(i);
catch (final PdfException e) {
WritableAnnotation[] annotations = new WritableAnnotation[2];
annotations[0] = new SquareAnnotation(1, 10, 10, 100, 100);
annotations[1] = new CircleAnnotation(2, 10, 10, 100, 100);
AnnotationWriter.writeAnnotations(inputFile, outputFile, annotation);