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JPedal Pricing
Desktop Site Licence


For production usage for up to 150 desktop Users at One physical Location. Targeted at Developers, Small & Medium Enterprise.

Server Site Licence


For production usage on a server with up to 12 Cores at One physical Location. Targeted at Developers, Small & Medium Enterprise.

OEM/Enterprise Licence

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Use JPedal in your named application with unlimited usage in a single application. Targeted at APP Developers and Enterprise


What else is included?

All Licenses include 12 months of Support & Updates with an option to renew after 12 months.
Source Code access is only available with the OEM and Enterprise License.

Available Support Options & Extras

Enhanced Support

Bespoke support package to suit client requirements.

Bug Portal Access

Need dedicated Support? Custom Bug Portal with direct access to IDRsolutions developers and support team.

Dedicated Software Build

Custom build with continuous testing on all changes and option to add client code.

On-site Visits

Onsite visits to assist with planning, integration and resolving issues.


The commonly asked questions about the JPedal Licenses (click the + Symbol to reveal answers).

Q. Do you have any other Pricing Options?

A: If you are not sure which license suits you please contact us.

Q. What about non-production and testing servers?

A: JPedal site licenses include an equivalent license for development and testing purposes. For example, if you purchase a site license you will be able to use a additional 12 cores for testing and development.

Q: How does it work?


  • Purchase directly from IDRsolutions – Pay a single (one off) fee to use the JPedal Java PDF Library.
  • Electronic access to software is granted from the IDRsolutions website upon receipt of funds.
  • 12 months of developer email support included – provided via email for a named developer.
  • 12 months of program updates included.

Q. How do I Upgrade and renew support?

A: Users with a JPedal license and a valid support contract can upgrade to the OEM version for the price difference.
After 12 months we will give you the option to renew your support for 20% of the client license (OEM licences) or $250 US dollars for a site license. This is subject to ‘fair usage’ policy. If you require lots of support time, we reserve the right to quote a higher price.

Q. What is a Single Named Application?

A: The best way to explain this is using an example:
If you are writing a program called “MyCustomerApp”, the OEM/Enterprise licence allows you to distribute an unlimited number of copies of JPedal as part of “MyCustomerApp”.
The OEM/Enterprise licence covers distribution across different platforms. So you can release versions of “MyCustomerApp” which runs in windows, linux, macintosh, iOS etc under the same licence.
When you release “MyCustomerApp” version 2, version 3 and so on, this is also covered by your original licence. Obviously we recommend that you keep your support and maintenance contract up-to-date if you do this, so you can release the latest version of IDRsolutions software along with your own.
If you now write another application called “AnotherApp” you will need an additional OEM/Enterprise licence if you wish to distribute JPedal as part of that new application.

Q. Do you give Custom quotes?

A: If the standard packages do not meet your needs, please contact us and we will try to tailor a package to your requirements.

Q. I need additional assistance

A: We consider ourselves extremely knowledgeable about Java and PDF. If you would like to discuss your technical or business requirements with our experts, we are happy to arrange a sales call

Q. Do you do offer a ‘Money back offer’ for ‘peace of mind’?

A: We have built the business on satisfied customers spreading the word – we want you to be entirely happy with the software.
So we not only offer demo versions to try, but also have a 30 day money back guarantee – if you ask for you money back within 30 days of purchase we will refund it without quibble (although we would like you to tell us how we can make it better).

Q. Can I pay for JPedal in other currencies?

Our prices are quoted in US dollars – to find out how much this is in another currency, please visit here for the latest rates.
We can bill in US dollars, Euros, Pounds sterling or Australian dollars by arrangement and are happy to provide a quotation in these currencies upon request.

Q. Are there any Additional taxes for UK/EU customers?

A: For UK customers we are required to add VAT to all prices and for customers in the EU, a valid VAT number is needed or we will have to add VAT as well.

Q. Are there any Terms and Conditions of using the JPedal Java PDF Library?

A: The terms and conditions of use for the software are set out in the End User Licensing Agreements (EULA). Different products may be governed by slightly different terms, so make sure you read the EULA appropriate to your purchase.
To save paperwork the EULA’s do not require signatures, but by purchasing and using IDRsolutions software you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions setout within.
The JPedal site licence EULA can be found here.
The JPedal OEM EULA can be found here. This OEM agreement is a blank copy of the JPedal standard agreement – the blanks are filled in with your company name and the name of the product you intend to distribute JPedal with.

Q. Will you complete additional documentation/paperwork?

A: We are happy to provide additional documentation but we reserve the right to charge for this. If this is applicable, we will tell you in writing before purchase before any transaction takes place.

Q. What about non-commercial users?

A: If you are a genuine charitable organisation and we support your aims, we will be happy to provide a discounted site license in return for an acknowledgement on your website. Please contact us directly. Support will be provided at cost.
(For higher volume, please contact us for a quote.)

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