Read/Write and View PDF Forms in Java

JPedal makes it easy for Java Developers to display PDF files by converting to image on the server or in a complete Java PDF Viewer on the client.

JPedal can be used to read, write and view PDF forms in Java. It supports both XFA and FDF forms. JPedal decodes both types of PDF form into accessible PDF Form objects or allows you to read and write the raw data.

JPedal Viewer Example
  • Support for FDF PDF forms
  • Support for pure/mixed/legacy XFA PDF forms
  • Read/write raw FDF form data in PDF files
  • Read directly XFA xml data streams
  • Display of form signatures supported

What is FDF?

FDF (Forms Data Format) is the original PDF format for adding interactive form objects (CheckBoxes, Text, ComboBoxes, etc) into a PDF file. The data is included inside the PDF as standard PDF objects.

What is XFA?

XFA (XML Forms Architecture) stores the forms information in separate XML structures. It offers more flexibility than FDF but is supported by less PDF tools. Legacy files can be created containing both XFA and FDF forms. PDF files with XFA forms/Fillable forms are generally created with Adobe LiveCycle.