JPedal Buyers Guide

Find out more about JPedal, what it does, who should use it and why you would use it.

JPedal Buyers Guide

Should we purchase JPedal? This is a guide to help you to decide. It explains what JPedal is, who it is for, who it is not for, and what makes it worth purchasing. We hope it makes your decision easier!

What problem does JPedal solve?

JPedal provides a toolkit for Java developers working with PDF files. Java does not offer any built-in support for PDF files. JPedal provides features such as printing PDF files, converting PDF files to image and viewing PDF files in Java Applications. It works in both server and client software.

What is PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the world's most common document format (70%). PDF files are used to present documents which include text, images and forms. Internally, they are very complex binary data structures.

What server features does JPedal offer?

Convert PDF to image, automated PDF printing, extracting text and images from PDF, text search and access to PDF metadata.

What is the JPedal Java PDF Viewer?

It is a multi-platform PDF viewer for Java client/desktop applications that can display even the most complex PDF files within other Java applications.

What other client features does JPedal offer?

Once integrated into your applications, JPedal can print and search PDF files, read, write and view PDF forms, add and edit annotations and customise which features your customers can access.

Are there any free PDF libraries written in Java?

Great question!

Yes. Your developers have probably already tested and rejected several free solutions due to their poor PDF file format support and lack of development.

Why do Java developers buy JPedal?

Our customers tell us the reasons they choose JPedal include:

  1. The ability to work with even very badly damaged PDF files
  2. Speed / memory usage compared to other products.
  3. The quality and range of PDF to Image output options.
  4. Support for even obscure PDF features such as PDF portfolio
  5. 20 years and counting of active development
  6. Modern Java support and codebase (Java8 and above)
  7. The speed and responsiveness of our inhouse support team who all know the product very well (they help to develop it)

Is it possible to try out JPedal before I buy?

Of course. There is a trial version of the latest release available.

Can I read any independent user reviews of JPedal?

Yes. We have added JPedal to the independent review site g2 so that anyone can read (and write) their own views on the software. You can find them here.

I have a question that is not listed above.

There is an open portal for any technical queries and you can talk to our sales team via zoom or email.