JavaFX PDF Viewer

Looking for our original Java PDF Viewer written in Swing? Click here for details.


JPedal JavaFX PDF Viewer

A 100% JavaFX PDF Viewer which is powerful and fully-featured, but simple to setup, integrate and customise and the ideal upgrade path from Swing.
JPedal JavaFX Viewer offers everything you need from a multi-platform JavaFX PDF viewer, including Search, extraction and printing in a single jar.


What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is the latest GUI toolkit for Java. It will allows users to develop more sophisticated UI applications (either totally in JavaFX or with Swing). We anticipate that Java developers will use JavaFX for new projects and integrate with Swing for existing applications.

The advantages of using JavaFX are:

  • 1. Simpler than Swing.
  • 2. Allow feature rich applications.
  • 3. Run on platforms which do not support Swing.
  • 4. Active development and support from Oracle.


What are the Key features of the JPedal JavaFX PDF Viewer?

tick Complete JavaFX implementation – does not use Swing
tick Transitions on page turning and other JavaFX enhancements
tick Multiple View modes including Continuous and Page Flow
tick Full Page navigation, scaling and rotation
tick Integrated Text search
tick Advanced PDF printing
tick Support for Outlines, bookmarks and Thumbnail display
tick Same API as Swing Version
tick Customisable via simple XML configuration file
tick API to provide full control from Java
tick Single Jar.
tick Lots of tutorials and monthly new release
tick Also opens JPG, PNG and TIFF files
  • Single page mode JavaFX
    Single page mode

The JavaFX PDF Viewer in action

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Q & A

Q: Is there a Free Trial I can download to test the JavaFX PDF Viewer?

Yes, you can download the 30 Day Free Trial JAR for the JPedal PDF Library by Downloading it here.

Q: Which version of Java does the JavaFX PDF Viewer support?

The JavaFX PDF Viewer supports Java 8 Only, our Swing Viewer supports Java 6 and above.

Q: Do I need to purchase features seperately?

No, everything you need to develop an application that requires a world class Java PDF viewer is included in one complete package – you do not need to purchase additional modules.

Q: How can I integrate JPedal with my own Software?

You can integrate JPedal into your own software in just 2 lines of code.

Q: What are the License and Pricing Options?

We offer three ways to use JPedal, via a Server License, Site License and for those that wish to integrate JPedal into their product a OEM License, go to our pricing page for an overview of the different License options.

Q: I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss license options, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


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