Convert PDF Form to HTML5 Form

HTML5 provides an ideal multi-platform display solution for PDF Forms

Why convert PDF Form to HTML5 Form?

Continue to use PDF Forms on mobile, tablet and Desktop in a Browser.


HTML5 display is supported on all modern mobile, tablet and desktop systems.

Zero footprint

All modern devices already include support for HTML5 with no need for additional software.

Tight Integration

HTML5 content can be integrated directly into Web applications.

Forms support

Works for all types of Forms (both AcroForms and XFA forms)


Documents never leave your servers and all access can be authenticated and tracked.


Forms data can be saved back to the server with a Post request or saved back into the original PDF file

What PDF Forms features does HTML5 support?

HTML5 can display converted PDF Forms which looks and feels like the original

Form Elements

PDF Form Elements can be converted into comparable HTML5 Form elements.


PDF Forms interaction is preserved, including XFA reflow and FormCalc.

Data saving

Forms data can be sent back to the server or resaved into a local PDF file..

Searchable Text

PDF text becomes searchable unicode text in HTML5 and embedded PDF fonts become web fonts.

Vector Graphics

PDF vector content becomes optimised SVG and remains zoomable.


Bitmapped images are converted into JPEG or PNG images.

How well does conversion work?

Click on the icons to see the PDF Form as converted HTML5 Forms inside an HTML5 Viewer

XFA Forms Example Conversions

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AcroForms Example Conversions

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Dental form Conversion example
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