Why Convert PDF to HTML5 or SVG?

PDF has become ubiquitous in recent years – the default standard for displaying and exchanging documents on the web. With the rise of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, and their varying degrees of support for various technologies, PDF is not as useful as it once was. So what about your investment in standardizing documents to PDF?

PDF Conversion to the rescue! HTML5 is natively supported on a multitude of devices, platforms and browsers. Whether your users own iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry mobiles or tablets, or even desktop Windows, MacOS or Linux computers, they all have one thing in common – support for HTML5 and SVG.



tick Converts PDF files into HTML5 allowing native support in web browsers, including on mobile devices
tick Suitable for enterprise usage
tick Multiple license models, including a pay-per-use web service, a pay-per-server license, and a custom OEM license
tick Regular release cycle, daily build, and active support forums
tick Documents can be converted for use inside a custom web application, or can include our custom IDRViewer with page navigation, zoom, full screen, thumbnail view and much more
tick Allows ample opportunity for enhancement, for example adding annotation support, advertising, analytics, and language translation
tick No restrictions or limitations on how converted content can be used. Converted files are yours to host and use as you need.


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