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Please note: This product has now been superseded by the Java Server License. The Web Service remains available to existing customers.

Quick Start: Video Guide to using the PDF to HTML5 Web Service

To use this software you will need an online account. You can sign up for a free trial account here.

Alternatively, you can read our written tutorial on how to use the PDF to HTML5 Web Service.

If you wish to check you balance on the web service you can do so by visiting the Web Services API dashboard.


Web Services API Code Examples

Quick overview of Web service API as a generic service.

Java_logo1Java Web Service Code Example php logoPHP Web Service Code Example dotnet-logoDotNet Web Service Code Example Ruby_logoRuby Web Service Code Example 300px-Python-logo-notext.svgPython Web Service Code Example


Support Forums

Our developers monitor the PDF to HTML5/SVG support forum which is the recommend place to ask any related questions.


Technical Setup Configuration Tutorials Video Tutorials
Java_logo1 config movies

Technical Setup

  • Enhance your PDF to HTML5 Content Use these step by step tutorials to get the most out of your HTML5 converted content.
  • Setup your own PDF to HTML5 Converter This resource explains how to run the PDF2HTML5 converter in a Java application server (Example: Glassfish or Apache Tomcat or JBoss etc..).
  • Navbar Options Enable/disable the IDRViewer with page navigation, zoom, thumbnail and bookmarks display.
  • Social Media Buttons Add links to Twitter, Facebook, etc if you are using our PDF viewer in your conversion.
  • Text Modes Use SVG or image for background, selectable text, no text, etc.
  • View Modes Layout pages as single pages, single file in continuous mode, split spreads, etc.

Configurations tutorials

Example usage of the Web Services API

  • WordPress Plugin – An example of using the Web Service API in WordPress, allowing for converted documents to be embedded into pages via ShortCodes.

Video Tutorials

Page Turning View Mode: Interactive Sample Conversions: PDF to HTML5 Web Services Conversion Guide
PDF to HTML5 Converter - Page & Text Selection, Zoom & Social Media Sample PDF to HTML5 Web Services Tutorial