Text to Speech Tutorial

JPedal has the ability to speak text that has been highlighted. This functionality requires the freetts jars in order to be accessible and to function correctly. Information about the option jars for jPedal can be found here.

For more information about freetts please check the website http://freetts.sourceforge.net/


Adding freetts to JPedal

Once you have downloaded the freetts jars you will need to allow jPedal access to them. The required jars are found in the folder lib from within the downloaded archive. Would you have located the folder there are two ways of allowing jPedal access to them. You can either add the jars into the ext directory of Java or add them to the classpath using the -cp option (in which case you can not use the -jar option and will need to specify the class you are running).

Note : If you are adding the jars to the class path the only jar that need be specified is freetts.jar but all other jars related to freetts must be present in the same directory as freetts.jar in-order to work correctly.


Once the freetts jars have been added to use the functionality you need only highlight text, right click then select the option Speak Highlighted Tex


Alternative Voices

Freetts by default is capable on using one of three voices. These voices can be set using the properties options. This can be done one of two ways.

  • Setting from the .properties.xml file to kevin(general domain), kevin16(general domain) or alan(time domain).
  • Going within the preferences window from the viewer and selecting the Speech tab from the interface pane. Here you will find a drop down box containing all the available voices.

The freetts libraries that handles our speech can allow additional voices that can be made using various programs. So far tools are provided to import FestVox and CMU ARCTIC voices into freetts.

Here is a tutorial to import from FestVox.

Here is a tutorial to import from CMU ARCTIC.


Accessibility Options for Text to Speech

This tutorial explains how you can use various options to make the viewer more accessible to those with more specific needs, you can find it here.