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BuildVu converts PDF files to HTML5 for phone, tablet and computer.


BuildVu converts PDF files into SVG which can be displayed in the IDRViewer or used as raw content in your own solution.

Developed by PDF Experts

The PDF engine that powers BuildVu has been in development by IDRsolutions since 1999 and has been tested against millions of files. We have total control of the codebase and can quickly fix issues and add new features.

Smaller File Sizes

BuildVu understands PDF and SVG. A key part of the conversion process is an intelligent optimisation to produce high-quality SVG which looks like the original PDF file. BuildVu also uses its knowledge to produce super small file sizes.

Handles complex PDF files

Our customers repeatedly tell us that BuildVu handles files they did not expect it to. And for really impossible PDF files, BuildVu attempts to fallback cleanly to always provide displayable content.

Extensively Tested

Our developers regression test all changes against over 500 files to ensure we are moving in the right direction. We test multiple browsers across platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari on MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Advanced SVG support for PDF features

BuildVu brings all your PDF content into the browser.

Scalable Vector Graphics

PDF vector content is intelligently converted into zoomable SVG.


PDF text content is converted into real SVG text and make full use of SVG kerning.


Images are clipped, optimised and converted into separate images.


Embedded PDF fonts become optimised SVG fonts for the web


All PDF colours are accurately converted into sRGB.


All content can be BASE64 embedded in a single file or kept as separate content.

Cross Platform

BuildVu gives you SVG content which looks and feels like the original PDF document on both Desktop
(Windows, Mac and Linux) Tablet/Mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Don’t just take it from us

Read what our customers have to say about us and our products


Love what I see – we have a special requirement that led me to your site as one of our clients are using SVG. Your software not only did that in seconds, but it brought interactively form fields and the properties that I customized in those fields. Excellent solution



Awesome software and even better customer service (consistently received quick and accurate responses).



From our assessment, I think your software will be extremely helpful to us. We are, in essence, a startup. PDF to SVG could make us very competitive compared with others in our industry (legal services). Yours is the best converter we have found.


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