OpenViewerFX – An Open Source JavaFX PDF Viewer

Whether you are just looking for a PDF Reader/Viewer for your RaspberryPi or a freely usable component to embed in your Java applications, OpenViewerFX an innovative JavaFX PDF Viewer combines the power of JavaFX with IDRsolutions industry leading PDF library to deliver a complete cross-platform PDF Reader/Viewer under the friendly LGPL Open Source license. And if you need support or additional features, API compatibility with IDRsolutions commercial PDF library provides an easy upgrade path.


JavaFX PDF Viewer – Key Features:

tick LGPL license – source code available
tick Easy Upgrade path to enhanced, supported commercial version
tick Full Page navigation, scaling and rotation
tick Integrated Text search
tick Support for Outlines, bookmarks and Thumbnail display
tick Totally Customisable via simple XML configuration file
tick API to provide full control from Java (as in Commercial Version)
tick Single Jar for all Platforms
tick Lots of tutorials and monthly new release
  • OpenViewerFX - Open Source JavaFX PDF VIewer
    OpenViewerFX - Open Source JavaFX PDF VIewer


What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is the latest GUI toolkit for Java. It will allows users to develop more sophisticated UI applications (either totally in JavaFX or with Swing). We anticipate that Java developers will use JavaFX for new projects and integrate with Swing for existing applications. The advantages of using JavaFX are:

  • 1. Simpler than Swing.
  • 2. Allow feature rich applications.
  • 3. Run on platforms which do not support Swing.
  • 4. Active development and support from Oracle.


Video of OpenViewerFX


A short video showcasing the Open Source JavaFX PDF Viewer in action with a Q & A session.