Convert PDF Forms to HTML5

Developer library to covert FDF and XFA PDF forms to interactive HTML5 forms

Developer library to Convert acrobat forms to HTML5

FDF and XFA Forms are converted into interactive, standalone HTML5 Forms which can be resaved back into the original PDF.

Complete conversion

All content is converted to HTML5/JavaScript/CSS with content remaining interactive.

Supports FDF and XFA formats

Support both FDF and XFA form technologies. FormCalc and JavaScript are supported.

Serverside conversion

Developer library runs on any server to provide a one-time conversion of Forms to standalone HTML5.

Simple to Integrate

Server based solution designed to be run on your own on-premise or cloud servers, in as little as 2 lines of code.

  • Works on multiple devices
  • Provides a single solution for viewing and accessing PDF forms on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

  • HTML Form Viewer
  • Support for zooming, scrolling and data entry.

  • Data support
  • Data can be saved back to server or original PDF File.

View examples of converted PDF Forms in the Browser

XFA Form Examples

FDF Form Examples

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