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Java PDF viewer as a JavaBean in Matisse

JPedal Java PDF viewer JavaBean component can be used as a JavaBean in the NetBeans GUI builder Matisse.

Import the JavaBean into the Netbeans 8.0 GUI Builder

For a complete tutorial on how to create a new project in NetBeans, and how to add a JavaBean to the component palette, please see the tutorial here.

Alternatively, assuming you already have an existing NetBeans project, and a Swing Form to place the Java PDF viewer component onto, you can follow these brief instructions.


  1. From the Menu Bar select, Tools -> Palette -> Swing/AWT Components
  2. Click on “Add from JAR”
  3. Navigate to where you have saved the jpedal.jar file (download it from here).
  4. Select ViewerBean from the list of available components
  5. Choose the palette category where you wish to add the component (ie, Swing Controls)
  6. Click “Close”


The ViewerBean Component should now be available in your component palette.

Using the JavaBean

Once the JavaBean has been added to the component palette, you are ready to add it to your form. You can do this by dragging and dropping it from the palette, onto the form.

Once added, you can customize the Java PDF viewer to suit your own specific needs.The PDF viewer can be sized as required, and various properties (such as default document, opening page number, scaling factor, etc) can be accessed and set through the properties panel.

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