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JPedal Cloud Timings

Whilst writing the cloud tutorials for our products we decided to measure how long each cloud took to upload a PDF and convert that file into images.
Every test was carried out on the same Windows machine, using the same version of Chrome, converting the same PDF and the test was carried out around the same time on a business day. The times given are averages from multiple conversions of the same document. The first conversion results have been dismissed due to the fact that the JVM severely optimises the code during the first conversion and every conversion there after was significantly faster. The code for each cloud was slightly different as each cloud has a different infrastructure. You can replicate the code for each test by following the relevant cloud tutorial but the vast majority of the code was the same with just a few slight tweaks so that the code ran correctly on the specific cloud.


Results from these tests are solely to provide an indication of the speed of our software and the way in which it works with various clouds. Every company has a unique workflow and a varied set of requirements, meaning that a cloud that suits another company may not suit your own. Your company may need a quicker upload speed or you may want the process to complete faster on the cloud (in which case a quicker convert time would be preferable). Hopefully this page will provide some insight for anyone who needs help deciding upon which cloud service would be best to host our software for their current workflow.

Cloud Upload and Conversion Timings





Oracle Java Cloud




Jelastic LayerShift




Red Hat OpenShift




Microsoft Azure




Amazon AWS





As you can see from above the fasted cloud overall to convert and upload the document was the Oracle Java Cloud though the Jelastic Cloud had the fastest upload time by far. On the other end of the scale though Amazon AWS had the slowest upload time whilst Microsoft’s Azure cloud was the slowest to convert the PDF.


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