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Draw additional objects in JavaFX Viewer

The JPedal API allows you to add additional display content to the JPedal JavaFX PDF viewer (for example your own Content or a watermark). This is controlled on a page by page basis. Changing page will also remove any additional content which will needed to be added back if required when the page is displayed again.


Adding objects to a displayed page

The method org.jpedal.PdfDecoderFX.drawAdditionalObjectsOverPage(…) makes this possible. This function is best explained with example code, so here is a draw example for JavaFX Viewer. This is a good starting point for experimenting with this feature.


Removing objects from a displayed page

Change page or use the method org.jpedal.PdfDecoderFX.flushAdditionalObjectsOnPage() removes JavaFX objects from the display. Here is a documented code example.

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