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JPedal is written in 100% Java and does not need additional platform-specific native libraries to be installed. If it runs Java 8 or above, it runs JPedal.

A Complete Java PDF Reader


PDF Reader is the name Adobe has given to software which can display PDF format files. The Adobe PDF Reader also includes the ability to Display, zoom, navigate and print PDF pages as well as full text search.

The JPedal SDK includes a complete PDF Reader which makes light work of multi-page display, searching, printing and annotations editing. It also include a number of its own unique features. Written in pure Java, it makes it very easy for Java developers to add support for PDF files into their Java applications.

Multiple View Modes

Single Page Mode

Continuous Mode

Continuous Facing Mode

Facing Mode

Page Flow Mode

Key Features

PDF Printing

Page Navigation

Rotation and zooming

Annotations editor

Text search

Disable User Options in configuration settings


We have extensive documentation showing you how to use the Java PDF Viewer. Find out how you can add the Viewer into your Java application with just 2 lines of code.

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