JPedal makes it easy for Java Developers to create Java appications which limit user access to the PDF content

Limit user access to a PDF file

JPedal makes it very easy to build Java Applications which allow users to view PDF files while limiting access to the files.

Key Features

JPedal allows Java Developers to remove any Viewer functionality, locking down access and preventing access to the PDF files

Disable printing

JPedal's extensive print functionality can be totally disabled so the document cannot be printed.

Keep document in memory

JPedal can load a document directly from URL into memory so the file cannot be accessed or copied.

Prevent text copying

JPedal text selection can be totally switched off.

Disable load and save

JPedal lets Java Developers prevent users from loading or saving any other files.

Add custom operations

JPedal allows Java Developers to add custom functions or intercept and reroute any command to their code.

Remove any menu option or button

JPedal allows Java Developers to remove all menu options and buttons for the user.

Documentation and Code Examples

Support section contains a large selection of articles on how customise the Viewer and alter the functionality the user can access.