Java PDF Reader

The JPedal PDF Library provides a full-featured alternative PDF reader, written in pure Java. There are two versions of JPedal offering a PDF Reader to match your budget/feature requirements.


Commercial Java PDF Reader

Our commercialĀ Java PDF Reader offers offers a large range of additional features and also includes additional functionality such as PDF printing and PDF to image conversion. It is licensed under a simple ‘server’, ‘site’ or ‘OEM’ basis -no hidden extras. Source code is provided for OEM customers.


View PDF files as images/HTML/SVG

We also offer solutions to allow you to convert PDF files to images and convert to HTML5/SVG, offering other ways to view PDF files.


Watch the video of the Java PDF Reader

Q & A

Q: Is there a Free Trial I can download to test the PDF Reader/Library?

Yes, you can download the 30 Day Free Trial JAR by Downloading it here.

Q: Do I need to purchase features seperately?

No, everything you need to develop an application that requires a world class Java PDF Reader is included in one complete package – you do not need to purchase additional modules.

Q: How can I integrate JPedal with my own Software?

You can integrate JPedal into your own software in just 2 lines of code.

Q: What are the License and Pricing Options?

We offer three ways to use JPedal, via a Server License, Site License and for those that wish to integrate JPedal into their product a OEM/Enterprise License, go to our pricing page for an overview of the different License options.

Q: I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss license options, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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