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JPedal Release Notes: All Release 2014

Here are details of all the official releases for 2014 covering fixes and new features.

23th December 2014 (5.20b23)


  • Improvements for odd image case.
  • Ongoing Internal tidy up of code using FindBugs, PMD and some other SA tools
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

19460: JPEG image claiming to be RGB not correctly handled by Java ImageIO in customer PDF


19520: Allow org.jpedal.avoidCleanupRaster to stop down-sampling on BRG jpeg images


19525: Cid escaped data not correctly read is CR present in stream


19534: K not correctly handled as either Dictionary or Array in Form object


19119: Incorrect annotation size

Rotated annotations appear at the correct size

19141: Print output blurred on small image details


19346: Searching text with super/sub script


19446: estimateParagraphs in text extraction never includes spaces in headers

Added code to include if text above 70pt

19454: Clip wrong in customer PDF

Fixed issue with shapes incorrectly becoming clips


28th November 2014 (5.19b28)


  • Improvements to Coons and Tensor shading and implementation of FreeForm shading
  • Fixes for corner case images in customer files.
  • Ongoing Internal tidy up of code using FindBugs, PMD and some other SA tools
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

16848: multiple blend modes on nested Xforms as not correct on customer file


19025: Upside down logo


19040: Leading at start of 270 rotated line not correctly applied


19094: Customer PDF File with image in wrong place


19096: Shapes occasionally extend beyond bounds


19146: SMAsk not correct on customer PDF


19071: Overlapping Links not correctly working in Viewer


19330: Allow for null Dest in PDF link


19075: Document navigation broken


19215: Image with SMask not correctly drawn on page


19259: clip not correctly set from stroke command in customer PDF


19054: CCITT image not rendering properly

Jump to first EOL code when reading CCITT images

17500: Some unmapped chars not correctly removed from html output in customer PDF



31st October 2014 (5.18b31)


  • Improvements to handling of broken PDF files
  • Now using full SSL signature to sign jars
  • Ongoing Internal tidy up of code using FindBugs, PMD and some other SA tools
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

18327: ePos Printing issue

Fixed bold text not appearing bold

18553: Highlighting as borders


18622: Highlighting as borders colour issue

Fixed, highlights appear correctly with colours being matched more precisely

17735: blank 8 bit gray Smask not correctly applied


18695: Identity MaskArray not correctly handled


18738: Search methods no longer return rectangles in results

Fixed, added rectangle version of search back into build

18772: Page offset when converted to image at larger than 100%


18846: Trial and Full jars are now signed with official signature


18858: Select All reverse text extraction / copy when used


18873: Exception in Customer file

Fixed issue in Layer handler

18648: Improve search speeds

Improved and more efficient.

18895: Broken PDF files hangs if Compressed Object unreadable garbage

Ensure code exits with Runtime error if unable to read Compressed Object.

18940: Speed up page change (and menu bar search)

Improved page change speed

18936: Remove Update menu option


18690: Rotated image conversion failing to rotate form


17770: image wrongly translated in getPageAsImage


18894: File stuck on pg 30


18819: Loop statement which does not loop in search results

Removed as not required


19th September 2014 (5.17b19)


  • Ongoing development to JavaFX viewer.
  • Internal tidy up of code using FindBugs, PMD and some other SA tools
  • Improvements to image handling for several image cases
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

18483: White indexed image with SMask not correctly displayed


18603: exception in find text

Fixed, font names containing ‘&’ no longer through off search data

18657: Signature not appearing consistently in applet viewer


17948: Add results update during search to javaFX version

Added and controlled by updateResultsDuringSearch with properties file.

18002: Add search in highlights option to search window

Implemented, option available in external window and side tab search modes

18060: Customer PDF does not display correctly


18157: Completely remove right click search

Removed find option from viewers right click menu

18174: Missing Text annotation and related popup


18646: Image not correctly displayed when rendered onto G2


18513: OpenAction dictionary key causes software to hang


18538: JavaFX viewer recent documents are always disabled

Fixed, recent documents can now be selected


25th July 2014 (5.15b25)


  • Ongoing development to JavaFX viewer. Forms support and view modes still in development
  • JavaFX viewer can now be used in SceneBuilder
  • Internal tidy up of Swing Viewer as part of recode (and fix for several obscure bugs found)
  • Speed enhancements to text selection in Swing and JavaFX viewer
  • General fixes for customer files

Changes and Enhancements

15639: Scroll performance hit with highlighted text

Fixed, we now track if highlighting has change so we do not redraw the entire display if highlights are present.

16707: [dotloop] PDF not rendering

Fixed, page and annotations rendering correctly

17685: XForm crop does not allow for scaling on image


17687: Issue with inverted Pattern in customer file


17766: Scaling resets position to top left of page in continuous mode

Fixed, scaling in continuous mode scales to center when page too big for viewable area

17852: ID not correctly read in Encrypted customer PDF


17880: T value in MK object incorrectly read as Int not textstream


18021: Bug in Opacity caching code for drawAdditionalObjects


17850: Update right click find method to use new methods

Fixed, search now correctly searches within highlighted area

17851: Update copyToArraysPartial to handle partial lines correctly


18050: Allow FX viewer to work in Scenbebuilder


17970: Swing Mouse Listener Issues

Fixed, Swing mouse listener functionality has improved significantly

17971: Mouse click does not remove highlights


17972: Multiple mouse clicks function even if mouse has moved


17973: Alt mouse drag functionality causes multiple highlights when it should be a single rectangle


17980: Search window throws exception is no file open

Fixed, also fixed issue where search on menu gains focus even when no file loaded

18011: Type1C font not correctly displayed

Fix occasional issue reading local subroutines in CFF fonts

17806: Urgent: Race Condition inside PDFDecoderServer

Fixed, font data can not be retrieved untill data fully loaded.

17705: Investigate regression in search

Fixed, updated tutorials and code to match current version

17676: Exception in object area caching code

Fixed, cached data is handled more intelligently

17683: Properties file not loading

Fixed, if path is prefixed with “file:/” it is removed internally to allow properties to load correctly



27th June 2014 (5.14b27)



  • Ongoing development to JavaFX viewer including speed improvements and text selection. Forms support still in development
  • Running jar directly now offers choice of Swing or JavaFX Viewer
  • Splash screens for Swing Viewer and JavaFX Viewer if run directly by double-clicking jar
  • Enhancements to XFA form handling and access to data
  • General fixes for customer files


Changes and Enhancements

17502: Add option to make the JavaFX viewer easier to embed

Added ability to embed ViewerFX as a BorderPane on a scene


17594: Add method to provide raw XFA type

Added method to FormObject .getXFARawDataType() and commented out code in ExtractFormDataAsObject



17618: FindText Search Area value not honored correctly

Fixed, Search Area working correctly and new generic method added.


17558: Grayscale JPeg2000 image shows exception

No longer throws exception


17330: Mousing over form objects on the page displays the memory bar instead of the coordinates

Fixed, coords box updates when mouse is over form components


17368: Obscure corruption in rotated CalRgb image



17423: Odd lines when drawing pattern

Fixed some patterns being drawn incorrectly


17453: Change package for CommandListener in Viewer

Moved from org.jpedal.examples.viewer.gui.swing to org.jpedal.examples.viewer.gui



30th May 2014 (5.13b30)


  • JavaFX viewer now included in jpedal jar (Swing still the default)
  • Speed improvements to Swing Viewer
  • Lots of Internal work to support JavaFX Viewer (will start appearing in daily builds)
  • General fixes for customer files

15354: Text Popup rendering/ printing precision

Fixed, rendering is now more precise

16792: Issue with space incorrectly defined in Customer PDF


16831: Font issue

Fixed, odd bold fonts are handled correctly when scaled

16864: Improve handling of broken links in PDF files

Allow for pointer to start of Array not start of Object

16870: jbig2 issue

Fix JBIG images with default color of black

16887: Page CropBox / MediaBox confused when inheritance involved


16923: Case relating to ePos Printing

Added cut functionality to EPOS

17095: Scaling Not implemented in viewer

Fixed, Added method to GUIFactory to allow for returning scaling factor to display a given area.

15314: Edges of viewer don’t refresh properly

Fixed, panel border no longer overdrawn with scaling above 100%

16939: Exception in bookmarks tab when clicking empty space without anything selected



25th April 2014 (5.12b25)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Add work around for speed issue with Color conversion in Java8
  • Improve handling of BlendModes
  • Lots of Internal work to support JavaFX Viewer (will start appearing in daily builds)
  • General fixes for customer files

15923: Volatile image not updating on some windows events

Fixed: Pdf page updates correctly when windows functions (such as screen lock) are used

16067: Text made bold using TR FillStroke not bold in printout


16321: Issue with form tab index in html5 extraction in single file mode

Fixed: tab order is correctly preserved from the pdf

16486: Image conversion overly large dimensions

Fixed: Image dimensions no longer being scaled incorrectly

16575: Inline JPEG data truncated in PDF


16637: Gray ICC JPeg not correctly displayed correctly


16651: Ensure missing print messages in are in international file

Fixed, added messages to the international messages file

16656: YCCK JPeg not correctly rendered


14773: JPedal Blurry Image

Fixed: Improved handle of odd SMask scenarios

16579: Forms not always displayed correctly when switching to multi-page view



28th March 2014 (5.11b28)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Lots of Internal work to support JavaFX Viewer
  • General fixes for customer files

13966: Disappearing forms in Costena

Fixed, forms not skipped when print actions within forms are executed

16221: OC value not correctly read in customer PDF


16230: Pattern color not correctly set in customer PDF


16231: npe in extracting structured text


16264: Text as image not displayed


16268: New Method XFAUtils.convertXFANameToZeroArrayFormat

Make it easy to alter form names to value used by IText

16311: Jpedal rendering problem

Added fix to ensure bookmarks functions correctly in continuous mode.

16322: Form data not correctly formatted

Fixed text alignment issue in text line form components

16314: Swing Viewer : Continuous & Continuous Facing BUG

Fixed, clicking the button for the current display mode no longer causes issue

16229: Page changes when resizing the window

Added fix for erroneous page change in continuous mode when window resized.

16212: npe in SwingPopup class

Fixed, files containing popups will not longer cause null pointer exceptions when setFont is called.

16217: White Box when opening viewer

Fixed, ensure opening of default file does not cause incorrect rendering on start up.

15988: Viewer Bug : 500% Resolution, No Thumbnails

Fixed, thumbnails are created at a reduced scaling to lower memory use

16175: Select page turning bug

Fixed, if file contains pages of different sizes then the page turn functionality is turned off for that file

16176: “Deselect All” option not working in Viewer

Fixed, Deselect all function no longer requires a manual repaint to update display

16177: Search term

Fixed, If not search results found the popup message contains the correct search term used

28th February 2014 (5.09b31)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Lots of Internal work to support JavaFX Viewer
  • Code tidy internally
  • General fixes for customer files

16096: Allow for non-compressed object table as Prev on compressed table


Added headers to files missing headers

16148: Allow user to see type of Form in PDF

New Method in AcroRenderer getPDFformType() return FormTypes Enum with values XFA_LEGACY, XFA_DYNAMIC, NON_XFA

15234: JPedal Lock-Up Issue – Release 5.05b30

Fixed – Threading conflicts have been removed from the search functionality

15707: Navigating Bookmarks Bug

Fixed – Allow bookmarks to be navigated by arrow keys and triggered using enter button

15903: unused methods

Redundant code removed to tidy up classes

15984: Viewer Search Bug

Fixed, If the user alters search options whilst searching the search will finish and can be restarted from the current page with the new options.

16008: Autoscroll no longer functions

Fixed – Mouse selection will not move te view to keep track of the current point in text selection

16014: Text is in patterns


16044: Remove exception when saving the properties file

Fixed – The properties file is now saved without issue and has been made faster.

16088: Make SwingListener classes public

ComboColorRenderer, ComboListener, ListListener, RadioListener, TextDocumentListener public

31st January 2014 (5.09b31)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Swing Viewer speed improvements
  • JavaFX Viewer updates
  • Code tidy internally
  • Much faster text selection
  • General fixes for customer files

15442: Multi-page Tifs do not display in Viewer

Fixed issue where multipage tiff pages where not being correctly rendered on the initial rendering

15550: Allow for truncated byte sequence in jbig2 data


15687: Shading not correct on rotated page


15869: Inline image stream ended with EI(space) not handled correctly


15746: Customer Form not correctly rendered


15818: Investigate if code used in PdfGroupingAlgorithms

Removed redundant code that is never actually accessed.

15952: Dead code in Swing class

Removed old code that used to handle panning with the mouse middle button

15959: status in Search

Removed unused integer flag and associated flag values

15987: Bookmarks broken in latest release

Fixed issue where bookmarks were not loading correctly in some cases

15989: Double-clicking on page does not deselect highlighted text

When left mouse button is down, instead of attempting a page redraw for each event we only redraw the page if highlights need to be removed.

15709: Search bugs Case Sensitive broken

Fixed, search type is now handled correctly

14386: Leading spaces in form component text is missing

Fixed, leading spaces in form component text is no longer removed

14572: Remove Swing dependency from forms render code

Implement a version of form rendering when running in headless mode.

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