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JPedal Release Notes: All Releases 2013

Here are details of all the official releases for 2013 covering fixes and new features.

20th December 2013 (5.08b20)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Swing Viewer speed improvements
  • JavaFX Viewer first release
  • Code tidy and speed improvements to Decoder
  • Rewrite of SMask handling
  • General fixes for customer files

15289: bug in text annotations

Fix position change of text popups when altering scaling or page, also fixed issue with font size during printing

15681: Content not correctly aligned in customer PDF when changing pages


15685: Video name not correctly decoded if Hex string

Fixed an issue where some embedded videos weren’t being extracted correctly.

15117: Deselecting visited Bookmarks on Viewer

Fixed, Bookmarks can now be triggered even if it is current selected

15313: Minor Bugs in Viewer

Fixed issue where page navigation would freeze the nav buttons are clicking multiple times whilst page is loading

15315: Nav bar on continuous and continuous facing mode not updating page count


15548: Outlines not updating page counter

Fixed, page counter correctly updated when using bookmarks

15569: Bookmarks doesn’t stay open when using the navigation buttons.

Fixed, selected tab remains consistent when navigating a file

15578: Add baseViewerFX into non Abacus,adobe,server builds


15589: Width not correct in XFA if font not standard

Use Arial as fallback

15634: Investigate if we can reduce number of calls to resetNavBar

Improvements to viewer start up and PDF opening performance.

29th November 2013 (5.07b29)


  • Enhancements to XFA support, espesically complex table layouts which now display correctly
  • Rewrite of Swing Viewer code to improve performance and tidy up as part of JavaFX developments
  • Enhancements to image clipping example.
  • Rewrite of DeviceN colorcode to improve performance and fix some odd cases
  • General fixes for customer files

15333: Added new example to extract checkbox data

15462: PDF file containing (>>) in Colorspace does not open


15464: ExtractClippedImages example does not correctly merge Mask images


15483: Image with 1 bit image mask not showing


15507: Word list extraction consuming values when empty string provided

Fixed, word list extraction now treats an empty string in the same manner as a null value.

15517: unreadable preview with pdf


15451: Change pdfData.flushTextList(boolean) to pdfData.flushTextList()

Remove unused boolean

15320: Image not displayed correctly on PDF


15388: Text missing in PDF form


15405: DeviceN colorspace not correct on sample file


15417: Multipage view modes do not show XFA pages correctly


25th October 2013 (5.06b25)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Improvements to Viewer
  • Refactoring of Viewer classes to prepare for JavaFX enhancements
  • General fixes for customer files

15020: Issue in JPedal server edition

Fixed issue where PdfDecoderServer decoding in background was not correctly creating the pages grouping object

15146: >> Chars in (String) causes issues


15165: Encrypted files do not open if ID starts [


15185: RE: Difference in Jpedal searched occurrences and Acrobat searched occurrences

Fixed issue where text lines used for searching was not ordered correctly

15209: XFA Forms not printed


15216: Ensure byte aligned flag is taken notice of when finding EOL in CCITT


14614: Shading does not appear on page


14785: Page change when changing display mode

Fixed, when changing to different display modes the view displays the current page instead of reverting to page one.

14836: manual selection and searching on page turning mode

Text Selection and Search has been locked out of page turning and page flow modes

15249: Remove enhancedGUI from properties and any GUI window

Removed enhancedGUI value from properties file and preferences options in Viewer example.

15116: Deselect All (Ctrl + Shift + A) on viewer

Locked deselect all out of all modes other than single page mode as it did not function in these modes.

15118: “Next ten Pages” in Page Turning Mode in Viewer.

Fix issue where forward 10 pages would forward by 11 pages if on page 1.

15119: coordinates in Facing Page Mode in JPedal Viewer

Fixed issue where page coordinates in facing mode where never updated beyond 0 , 0

15121: JPedal PageTurning mode issue

Fixed issue where final page was not rendered correctly in page turning mode on some files


30th September 2013 (5.05b30)


  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Improvements to Viewer
  • Code tidy  to make JavaFX enhancements easier to add
  • General fixes for customer files

14479: bookmark issues

Broken bookmarks within the pdf are now handled more gracefull

14490: blurry images – signed jar

Fixed issue where jpeg quality / compression value was not being handled correctly in pdf to image converters.

14654: Add viewer settings tracking option to the properties file

Add values to the properties file to allow certain values to be tracked between sessions and comments that describes the use of each property value.

14373: font mapping issue

Fixed issue where in some cases font mapping was returning incorrect data

14843: Fwd: Rollouts

Fixed issue where side tab bar was not expanding correctly.

14883: Linearized PDF does not open


14888: Adobe signature/initials issue

Fix for issue where some forms were misplaced on the page

15024: Images with FlateDecode compression


15073: Form field height and width is incorrect

Fixed issue where forms are incorrectly sized due to miscalculation of offsets

14861: Lock out rotation on pageflow

Locked out rotation from pageturn mode and page flow mode.

14399: Add rollover to XFA checkboxes and radio buttons

Now works as in acrobat

14838: cannot togle mouse mode on the menu

Text select and pan mode menu items are now checked menu items that show which is currently selected

14839: Inconsistent shortcuts

Updated viewer interface so that navigation shortcuts are consistent


30th August 2013 (5.04b30)


  • Moved Display classes into org.jpedal.display and sub packages
  • Improved way Annotations displayed
  • Enhancements to XFA support
  • Code tidy  to make JavaFX enhancements easier to add
  • General fixes for customer files

12944: Print in Lanscape mode

Added default printer orientation support.

13482: Move JAI and ImageIO into 2 classes for easier suppport or change in future


14231: [bug] Values not displayed in flatten forms mode


14586: Ink Annotation Z-Order reversed


14639: Removed unused tablezoner, pdfhelp and contentextractor files

Removed unused preferences files

14642: [bug] File with empty DecodeParams option fails to open


14645: [bug] clippedtext on some PDF files incorrect


14682: Issue in CCITT encoding

Improve handling of unusual EOL codes in CCITT

14745: Side tab bar width setting needs improvement

Side tab bar has become more intuitive with the expanded width being remember when opening and closing the side tab

14746: Create properties file descriptive document

The properties file now contains comments to explain the use of the values

14755: digital signature field on wrong page


14763: Text incorrectly placed on customer PDF


14801: Ensure popups appears ontop of other forms


14824: JavaFX converter output directory argument no longer needs to end with a path separator

The output path, passed via command line, for the JavaFX converter no longer needs to end in a separator (e.g. “” for windows).

14832: Exception thrown in PageFlow if page mode changed while drawing


14723: Some examples are not closing when reaching it’s end.

Fixed, examples should correctly dispose of all threads to prevent certain examples remaining open.

14399: Add rollover to XFA checkboxes and radio buttons

Now works as in acrobat

26th July 2013 (5.03b26)


  • Improvments to server mode
  • Fix for odd image issues
  • Improvements to documentation
  • Reduce usage of Swing internally and imrove rendering of flattened forms
  • Improvements to Marked content extraction and no longer fails on very large files
  • General fixes for customer files

Specific issues

14252: [bug] Image upside down in viewer from Ghostscript PDF


14265: [bug] CCITT Image not correctly displayed

Fix for odd number in CCITT encoding parameter

14315: Jpedal Image size question in Version 5.02b21a

Removed rounding issue with image extraction.

14475: Add option to extract XForms as images as well as images

Now default option

14566: Allow for 000000000000000 as xref in file


14272: Annotations are not being removed when navigating to pages without forms

Added fix to ensure forms are always removed when navigating to a new page


21st June 2013 (5.02b21)


  • Improvements to viewer
  • Ability to disable JavaScript
  • General fixes for customer files
  • New JPedalXFA version

Specific issues

14130: [bug] Line in B() command not correctly drawn


14250: Broken xref table in customer PDF but still opens in Acrobat

Now works

14267: PDF from HotPDF creation library does not open


14269: Exception thrown in Headless mode on some PDF files from server


14230: [feature] Add easy way to disable JavaScript

Added JavaScript.disableJavaScript();

14163: Enable XFA only on pure XFA documents

new JPedalXFA release with XFA support

14135: click on camera and drag area in viewer – no visible outline

Fixed, drag area for snapshot functionality appears correctly


31th May 2013 (5.01b31)


  • Improvements to viewer
  • Remove System.exit() is Viewer
  • Enhancements to print options
  • Improvements to new XFA handling (Still disabled by default)
  • General fixes for customer files
  • More robust handling of ‘bad’ PDF files

Specific issues

13920: [bug] Text outside page boundary not extracted correctly

Fixed issue where text that overlaps the page boundary was not being extracted correctly.

13958: [bug] layers window does not update if you open other layers file (lots in handtest/layers)

Fixed issue where layers tab would not be reinitialized when opening a second file

13965: [bug] Nav buttons not disappearing when loading image

Navigation buttons are now disabled when an image is loaded if they are not needed.

13975: [bug] Inconsistent Display objects stored in Commands

Removed local Display object from Commands, we now only use the version stored in PdfDecoder to ensure the Display object is kept consistent.

13990: [bug] Make code handling compressed object stream to allow for corrupt entry


14006: [bug] Issue displaying multi line search results

Fixed issues with multiline search results with menu bar searching

14014: [Issue] PDF with corrupted Compressed stream data does not open


14020: [bug] Type3 Fonts not correctly displayed in Customer PDF


14029: [bug] Win encoded font data not correctly mapped to Mac encode font

Added fix

14056: [bug] deeply nested xforms in customer PDF not correctly decoded


14058: [bug] Handle Pattern object in broken PDF more robustly


14059: [Issue] Customer PDF with incorrect GS state not displaying correctly


14061: [forum question] PdfDecoder clipping annotation popups

Added a fix to ensure insets are always applied to both the page and the form components at the same time.

14070: {Issue] pdfDecoder.setPDFBorder() behaviour

Prevent thick borders from overlapping the edge of the pdf page.

14074: [bug] AcroRenderer method only returns Form if page decoded

Now decodes other pages if not found

14084: [bug] Ensure scaling is not set to zero in ConvertPagesToHiRes


14096: [Issue] Forms with no appearance object not displayed in flattenForm mode


14129: [API change] Split the autoRotateAndCenter flag

The Boolean flag SwingPrinter.isPrintAutoRotateAndCenter has been replaced by SwingPrinter.setCenterOnScaling(Boolean) and SwingPrinter.setAutoRotate(Boolean)

14017: [bug] SMask not correctly applied on customer PDF


13790: [bug] Text popup annotations not appearing when using renderToG2

RenderToG2 now correctly displays popup text elements correctly.

13846: [Issue] Remove System.exit()

Tidied up the amount of uses of System.exit


26th April 2013 (5.00b26)


  • New version jbig2 decoder
  • JavaScript support upgraded to use either Rhino or Nashorn and large number of fixes  (still in testing so disabled by default)
  • New XFA engine to display  XFA pages and forms (still in testing so disabled by default)
  • Major rewrite of Forms code for XFA and simplification/extension of API. ExtractFormDataAsObject example rewritten
  • New PdfDecoderServer class to provide ‘server’ version of PdfDecoder without Swing (no printing, viewing or render ontoG2). Some changes to PdfDecoder API and static variables moved into DecoderOptions
  • Tidy up of threads in Viewer.
  • General fixes for customer files
This is a big releease and we will be following up with updated documentation and more feature releases over the next few months,especially for XFA and JavaScript.
Specific cases

11453: General viewer improvements

Made various improvements to the viewers appearance.

13275: Mouse Pan (Middle Button) is sluggish in some display Mode

Improved performance of panning in continuous facing and facing display modes.

13341: JBIG2 renderer does not support custom Huffman tables


13774: Clipping wrong on Customer PDF


13851: Remove GUI properties options for elements removed during build

The properties windows options to alter visible gui elements will only show those elements that are present in the given build.

13900: Investigate thread usage

Removed thread as its use was no longer needed.

13769: JBIG2 Optimisations


13855: Remove focus border from GUI buttons

The dotted line border that appears after using a button on the user interface no longer appears, leaving the interface cleaner.

13862: Add search results message to search menu items

Menu bar buttons are always visible, disabled when no search text is present and enabled when text is typed. If a search should find no results, a message is displayed informing the user that the search term failed to find a result.

13863: Scroll broken when swapping display modes

The scroll bar is now consistent so when display mode changes the scroll bar is at the correct position.

13864: Page Counter broken when changing display mode

Fixed bug where page counter was not updated when changing from a facing display mode to single page mode.

13865: Form buttons should not display form edited message

Removed message popup that is displayed when a user clicks on a form component.

13867: Add delay to arrow key shortcuts in case key is pressed many times

The arrow keys have a minor delay added so continuous pressing of the key will decode decode each page in sequence but track the page we should be on and only loading the page required.

13868: Allow left right keys to changes pages as well as up and down

Keyboard arrow keys functionality improved. Left/Right arrows navigate pages. Up/Down will navigate page if entire page is visible or at the top or bottom of the page, otherwise it will scroll up or down the page.

13869: Ensure scroll bar is updated when using keyboard shortcuts

Scroll bar updated correctly when page changes regardless of the method used to change the page.

13881: Scroll broken with large file

Fixed an issue where files containing over 250 would in some cases scrolling down on the mouse wheel does not change the page to the next.

13798: Method compData.getRawForm(String ref) changed to DefaultAcroRenderer getFormObject()

(PdfObject) compData.getRawForm(parentRef) becomes (PdfObject) getFormObject(parentRef);

13658: Add support for Ink Annotation

Support for ink annotations added

13463: SimpleViewer does not terminate

Added fix to ensure autoscroll thread closes correctly when no longer required.

13167: Check Bookmarks on Win7

Fixed issue where bookmarks were not correctly navigating to the correct page


15th March 2013 (4.93b15)


  • Fixes for jbig2
  • Lots of work under hood for new 5.0 release – low level Data, AcroRenderer and FormFactory classes heavily refactored
  • Improvements to Annotation handling
  • General fixes for customer files

13654: DecodeParmsArray not being read


1684: Documents that fail to render

Fixed issue where some images and image masks are not aligned.

3627: Runtime Exception for OpenOffice Files with forms

Fixed issue where document properties window would throw an exception in file containing certain forms.

3650: Opt hex encoded strings not correctly converted


13688: InkList data type incorrect


13718: Add reader option for Using local Adobe fonts


13725: Add getPopupComponent method to FormFactory to make it easy to replace

New method added to FormFactory

13727: move javadoc to


13730: Put in swingMouseHandler in Commands and remove updateCordsFromFormComponent

The SwingMouseHandler external handler type has been removed.

23rd February 2013 (4.92b23)


  • Improvements to printing
  • Lots of work under hood for new 5.0 release
  • General fixes for customer files

13362: Alternative color functionality not working in image extraction – Alternative color functionality now works in image extraction.

13363: Fwd: JPedalSettings.CHANGE_LINEART – Fix for line art colour change code not changing color

13365: Misaligned print output in fit to page mode – Fixed alignment of print output when using the fit to printer margins option.

13426: Image not correctly displayed – Fixed

13574: CMAP not read correctly if values not in hex – Fixed

13486: PageFlow throwing exception when page is clicked on – Fixed

13488: Fix shading with multiple Shading functions -Fixed


21st January 2013


  • JavaFX PageFlow mode
  • Improvements to Viewer
  • Make better use of fonts on Windows machines for substitutions if not embedded
  • General fixes for customer files

13250: Glyph incorrectly drawn in customer PDF – Fixed

13263: Regression in Middle click panning – Fixed

13269: 1bit separation Jbig image inverted – Fixed

13276: Provide better feedback if JPEG 2000 used – Viewer now displays popup window

13152: Images in customer PDF not correctly displayed convert to image – Fixed

12744: Completed change of PageFlow Java3D to JavaFX – Added

13183: Provide message in Viewer if bouncycastle jar needed -Viewer now displays message with link to web page

13184: When using scroll wheel in viewer, pages take a long time to load – Fix for single page mode scroll bar not updating correctly.

13242: unicode table not being read correctly in some cases – Fixed

13290: NullPointer Exception in pdf file – Fixed

13320: songST not correctly displayed if not embedded – Fixed

13371: Use any local fonts installed by Adobe on Windows – Added code to detect if any local fonts

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