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Text Modes

One of the main configuration options for the converter is the Text Mode. This controls how the text, shapes and images are output. We offer a range of solutions to meet different requirements, there is sure to be text mode that will match your requirements.

There are three main output formats, each with three text behaviors, making a total of 9 options to choose from.

1. SVG

  • svg_realtext
  • svg_shapetext_selectable
  • svg_shapetext_nonselectable


  • image_realtext
  • image_shapetext_selectable
  • image_shapetext_nonselectable

3.SVG with IE8 Fallback

  • svg_realtext_with_ie8fallback
  • svg_shapetext_selectable_with_ie8fallback
  • svg_shapetext_nonselectable_with_ie8fallback

Image, SVG, or both?

We give you the choice of 3 different output formats, giving you the choice of better performance and file size, or better quality zooming.

Why choose SVG? (svg_*)

  • Vector content remains vector content, meaning that pages can be zoomed without loss of quality.

What is SVG? (svg_*)

  • Shapes are drawn as SVG shapes.
  • Images and shades are drawn as images within the SVG.
  • A single .svg file is used per page (with separate image files by default).

Why choose Image? (image_*)

  • Image has the smallest file size and is rendered fastest.
  • With just one image, the output is simple and concise.

What is Image? (image_*)

  • All shapes, images and shades are drawn onto image.
  • A single image is used for each page.

Why choose both? (svg_*_with_ie8fallback)

  • Older web browsers may not support SVG, so the fallback image will get used instead.

What is both? (svg_*_with_ie8fallback)

  • Both formats are output. If supported by the browser, the SVG will be used, otherwise the image will.

Real Text, Shape Text, or both?

We give you the choice of 3 different text behaviors, giving you a choice of better file size, or better accuracy.

Why choose Real Text? (*_realtext)

  • File sizes are the lowest.
  • Text can be altered, e.g. by translation tools.
  • Text can be searched.
  • Very accurate representation of the PDF.

What is Real Text? (*_realtext)

  • PDF Text is converted to real, selectable text with converted fonts.

Why choose Shape Text? (*_shapetext_nonselectable)

  • Perfect text representation of the PDF (but no search/selection).

What is Shape Text? (*_shapetext_nonselectable)

  • Text gets output as shapes.
  • Text is drawn as SVG shapes or rasterised onto image depending on output mode chosen.

Why choose both? (*_shapetext_selectable)

  • Text can be searched and selected.
  • Perfect representation with the PDF, retaining selection.

What is both? (*_shapetext_selectable)

  • Text gets output as shapes.
  • A layer of invisible, real text is drawn on top to be used for search and selection.


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