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Optional Jars


Additional Jars you may need

PDF conversion may require some additional jars on your classpath to handle some PDF files. As these can increase the size of download substantially but are needed on only a small number of PDF files, we do not include them all.

If they are required, the software will generate an error or tell you.

You can either add the jars into the ext directory of Java or add them to the classpath using the -cp option (in which case you can not use the -jar option and will need to specify the class you are running).

Security jars

We now have our own functionality to decrypt encrypted pdfs but if you wanted to specify a certain Provider then you can still do so using -Dorg.jpedal.securityprovider. If the provider requires an additional jar then make sure that is added to the classpath when running JPDF2HTML5 e.g.
java -Dorg.jpedal.securityprovider="org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider" -cp jpdf2html.jar;C:\PDFdata\library\bcprov.jar;C:\PDFdata\library\bcmail.jar org/jpedal/examples/html/PDFtoHTML5Converter “C:\path\To\PDF.pdf” “C:\path\to\ouputDir\”

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