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Use these step by step tutorials to set up JPDF2HTML5.

IDRViewer or No Viewer?

If you are running from Java code, there are two code examples at the top of the Javadoc pages for PDFtoHTML5Converter and PDFtoSVGConverter which show how to output the IDRViewer or just the pure page content.

If you are running from command line, the default mode is the IDRViewer. To generate pure page content, you must provide the system property -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.viewMode=content


The Javadoc documentation for JPDF2HTML5 is available to view online or to download. The key classes are:

  • HTMLConversionOptions (General HTML Settings)
  • SVGConversionOptions (General SVG Settings)
  • IDRViewerOptions (Settings available for the IDRViewer mode)
  • ContentOptions (Settings available for the Content mode)

Support Forums

Our developers monitor the help & support forum which is the recommend place to ask any questions.

Technical Setup

  • Text Modes Use SVG or image for background, selectable text, no text, etc.