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JPDF2HTML5 September 2017 Release Notes

Next Release:

The next release is on Tuesday 3rd October 2017


  • Lots of new font enhancements and improvements
  • Added support for navigation widget annotations
  • Low level decoding improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements


September Release (5th September 2017):


[HTML-2904] – Fix vertical positioning issues in Type 1 fonts
The vertical positioning of a large number of Type 1 fonts has been improved.

[HTML-2892] – Improve accuracy of size of Type 1 based fonts
Enhancement to the size & positioning of Type 1 based fonts

[HTML-2881] – Browsers not reading LSB from hmtx table, roll into charstrings instead
Improves font kerning

[HTML-2885] – Widget annotations with navigation action not supported
Added support for widget annotations with navigation actions

[HTML-1542] – Fix bad values in MAXP table in supplied fonts
Browsers now load font

[CORE-2883] – Use ZapfDingbat mappings in ZapfDingbats embedded fonts if correct glyphs used
Improves ZapfDingbat mappings



[HTML-2898] – Link annotations with appearance are unnecessarily drawn to background layer

[HTML-2899] – Interactive annotation content incorrectly generated in SVG on multi-decode pages

[HTML-2888] – Missing text in shapetext mode when file converted on Mac

[HTML-1609] – Type3 glyph with tab extraction value not appearing

[HTML-458] – Text has incorrect vertical position

[HTML-2893] – File slow to convert and uses lots of memory inside BlendComposite.compose()
Reduced scaling for large masks to improve performance

[CORE-2891] – ColorSpaceFactory.convertColToMixedArray does not allow for single Colorspace entry such as /DeviceCMYK

[CORE-2885] – Type1 glyph ignored if only wrapper to sub-routine with no width setting

[CORE-2890] – /Nums value not correctly decrypted

[CORE-2892] – Embedded Chinese font not displayed correctly

[CORE-2893] – Rasterized forms incorrectly have white background


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