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JPDF2HTML5 January 2017 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 January 2017 Release (10/01/2017)

Next Release: Tuesday 7th Feb 2017


  • New IDRViewer Slideshow UI
  • The IDRViewer now includes keyboard navigation, support for page labels and zoom information
  • Clean up CustomIO/DefaultIO API
  • There has also been lots of general bug fixes and low level improvements


Changes and Enhancements

28270: [IDRViewer] Create SlideShow UI Example
New UI mode added: SlideShow

28300: [IDRViewer] Add support for PDF page labels
Page label support added to all 4 example UIs

27749: [IDRViewer] Add support for Dest zoom information
Vertical offsets in GoTo and Dest annotations are now supported

28057: [IDRViewer] Add keyboard navigation with left & right arrow keys

28062: [IDRViewer] Improve the appearance of dropdown menus in Complete UI
Dropdown menus now match the theme.

28152: Clean up CustomIO/DefaultIO API
A number of improvements to the CustomIO API have been made.


  • All methods now include a separate parameter to pass the root directory separately to the relative name, allowing the base path to be omitted if required (for example if writing to a zip file).

Method Names:

  • waitForImages() has been renamed to completeDocument() to better describe when the method is called (at the end of the document) and purpose (to complete progress)
  • setupOutput(), write() and flush() have been replaced by a single call to writePlainTextFile() to ensure consistency with other files.
  • writeAppendedPlainTextFile() has been added to the API to allow for files that need to be appended..

27975: Add support for combination of embedImageAsBase64 flag and image text mode in svg conversion
Added support for combination of embedImageAsBase64 flag and image text mode when converting pdf to svg

28339: Separate out Params and decodeParams as previously both treated as same
Now separated

26249: Remove deprecated code
Removed deprecated settings in IDRViewerOptions


28297: [IDRViewer] 1px white line at bottom or right of page depending on zoom

26899: Radio button and checkbox images now fixed when images are embedded as base64
Radio button and checkbox images now display correctly when images are embedded as base64

28016: CidFont0/CidFont2 need to handle CFF slightly differently

28343: Fix form alignment in content only mode

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