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JPDF2HTML5 April 2017 Release Notes

Next Release:

The next release is on Tuesday 2nd May 2017


  • Search has been added to the IDRViewer
  • Keyboard navigation has been added to the IDRViewer
  • Last Java 6 release (moving to Java 8)
  • Lots of general bug fixes and improvements to the IDRViewer


April Release (4th Apr 2017):


[HTML-2793] – [IDRViewer] Implement Search
Search is now available inside the sidebar of the Coomplete UI (the Ctrl+f / Cmd+f keyboard shortcuts have also been overridden). There is also an IDRViewerOptions setting called generateSearchFile that can be enabled to write out a search.json file which contains the textual content from the whole document.

[HTML-2799] – [IDRViewer] Page Navigation
Added page navigation using Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keyboard buttons has now been added to the IDRViewer

[HTML-2801] – [IDRViewer] Magazine Mode
Added support for magazine mode in files where not all pages have the same bounds

[HTML-2798] – Added support for Type3 fonts in SVG modes
Pages containing Type3 fonts are now flattened to allow display. Affects a very small percentage of files.

[HTML-2802] – [IDRViewer] Dropdown enhancements
Unfocus dropdowns after used to allow keyboard navigation without extra click (Complete UI)

[HTML-2795] – [IDRViewer] Zooming enhancements
Ensure visible pages remain visible when zooming

[HTML-2791] – Improved behavior to display font with missing data
Rasterize font if no default Font Width exists

[HTML-2790] – Add class to shared CSS element
The shared CSS element now has the class ‘shared-css’

[HTML-2790] – [IDRViewer] Remove duplicate shared CSS element when loading pages
Less clutter now in DOM

[CORE-2848] – Improved pattern handling
Improves sheared patterned images



[HTML-1537] – Fixed Incorrect mapping of glyphs onto space character
Some PDFs were incorrectly mapping glyphs onto space character

[HTML-2785] – [IDRViewer] Fixed Safari exception
Fixed the exception in safari where the nav does not work on local filesystem (HTML only)

[HTML-2796] – Font rejected by web browser font sanitizers
Filtered out unnecessary data in font to pass browser inspection

[HTML-2800] – Incorrect appearance of radio buttons and checkboxes in forms
Disabled caching on same-size radio buttons and checkboxes to fix display issues

[CORE-2835] – Missing form
Forms were missing if PDF is repeatedly converted to image

[CORE-2832] – Incorrectly truncating a data streams
Fixed the Byte stream code to remove spurious LF/CR incorrectly truncates a data stream

[CORE-2842] – GraphicsState being null
Fixed the issue where GraphicsState might be null

[CORE-2846] – Allow for addition of zero length FlateDecode (or other stream) in PDF file
Fixed by removing unnecessary exception

[CORE-2847] – PdfDecoder returns total pages as 0 when specific file rendered

[CORE-2841] – Incorrect Glyf mapping in customer CidFont0 PDF
Fixed the issue where the incorrect Glyf mapping in customer CidFont0 PDF



Last Java6 release
From the May release onwards, JPDF2HTML5 will move to Java8. For more information, please see this blog post

[HTML-2787] – Deprecate IE8 Support
IE8 Features have now been deprecated. For more information, please see this blog post

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