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JPDF2HTML5 September 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 September 2016 Release (06/09/2016)

Next Release: 4th October 2016


  • File size improvements for SVG Shapetext modes
  • BouncyCastle no longer required for decoding encrypted pdfs
  • Changes to the API for JPDFForms
  • There has also been lots of general bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

26765: Improve performance & file size in svg_shapetext modes
SVG file size has been reduced by approx 30-40% in svg_shapetext modes

26048: Bouncy Castle Replacement
BouncyCastle no longer required for decoding encrypted pdfs

26399: Update Bouncy Castle documentation on website

26827: Remove DeviceN mapping code using CMYK

26379: Changes to the API for JPDFForms
FormViewerOptions has been introduced.
FormtoHTML5Converter class has been removed.

There is now an additional code example to convert using the new form viewer here



26841: Text that uses FillStroke is missing Stroke in svg_shapetext modes

26654: Inline image data not clearly deliminated in customer PDF

26696: Allow for unexpected comments in Resources object

26693: Customer files created their own PDF Creator crash when opening
Allow for odd comments in Ref table

26344: Annotation icon appearances are incorrect when Name icons are used

26372: Annotation icons do not have the correct appearance

26332: Error message says JPedal rather than JPDF2HTML5 (or JPDFForms)
Use generic word software instead

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