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JPDF2HTML5 October 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 October 2016 Release (04/10/2016)

Next Release: 1st November 2016


  • Liberation Sans has been added as the default font for unmapped fonts
  • New setting in ContentOptions to set the id of the page container div
  • Updates to the IDRViewer
  • There has also been lots of general bug fixes and improvements


Changes and Enhancements

26762: Liberation Sans has been added as default font for unmapped fonts
Now uses Liberation if all else fails. Fixes missing fonts on Linux.

27044: Added a setting in ContentOptions to set the id of the page container div
setContainerId and org.jpedal.pdf2html.containerId added.

26916: Added viewBox attribute to SVG files
The viewBox attribute has been added to any generated SVG files. This allows the pages to easily scale to a given width and height without having to use a scale transform.

26950: Unused images written out when clip has zero width or height
Unused images are no longer written out.

27097: [IDRViewer] Add updateLayout function
Useful to redraw the document to fit the window when programmatically changing the size of the idrviewer div.

27021: [IDRViewer] Changes to the id of the container div
Id now changed to p1, p2, p3, etc. This breaks backwards compatibility with older idrviewer.js versions.



27034: [IDRViewer] Font loading sometimes fails in Internet Explorer

26905: [IDRViewer] idrviewer.querystring-navigation.js not working locally in Chrome

26831: PDF with incorrect format 0 font CMAP does not display correctly

26865: Return empty object not null for Embedded Files if none found

26913: Tab not correctly handled as space in customer PDF

27074: Broken display values in font (JPedal & JPDF2HTML5)

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