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JPDF2HTML5 November 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 November 2016 Release (01/11/2016)

Next Release: 6th December 2016


  • Speed Optimisations in svg text modes
  • Zoom information is now included for bookmarks and links
  • Improvements on the appearance of the Times New Roman or Arial font on Android
  • There has also been lots of general bug fixes and low level improvements


Changes and Enhancements

26871: Optimisation in svg_realtext, svg_shapetext_selectable and svg_shapetext_nonselectable modes
Up to 25% speed improvement when no background image is required.

26781: Write out dest zoom information for document outlines and in-page links
Zoom information is now included for bookmarks within config.js & properties.json. GoTo annotations now include an additional data-zoom attribute that includes destination zoom information (if available).

27385: On Android, improve the appearance of text that uses Times New Roman or Arial
‘Times New Roman’ and Arial have different metrics on Android (as DroidSerif/DroidSans are used) which causes incorrect display.
We now write out font files with correct metrics for Times New Roman & Arial which fixes the appearance of a number of files on Android.

27539: DeviceN speed improvements
Speed improved

27263: Rewrite low-level Destination decoder
Code is now much simpler and supports additional types of Destination.

27362: Remove title from SVG files
Title tag has been removed. This brings it inline with the HTML.

26706: Tidy up Ref reading code
Internal code tidy of parser code to read PDF file

27238: Tidy up Dictionary class
Dictionary parsing code tidied up to make easier to maintain and fix corner cases

27439: PDFDecoder method isForm() returns false for XFA
Now returns true

27418: Change name=”fieldName” to data-field-name=”fieldName” in forms
Due to restrictions on the values within the name attribute, this has been changed to data-field-name.
Using a data tag has additional advantages explained here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/Using_data_attributes

27086: Rasterize forms in IDRViewer mode
Forms are now rasterised when the IDRViewer is used in the JPDFForms product (no changes in JPDF2HTML5).

27605: XFA and FDF form improvements in HTML
Vastly improved

27524: Change page id in FormViewer mode
Page ids now changed to p1, p2, p3 etc



27419: Allow for totally wrong offset pointer in Compressed data stream

27287: Use 0 as default value if FirstChar value not set

27390: Manually verify streamLength if declared at zero

27029: PDF contains reference to non-existent object

27398: null not correctly handled in new keyPairs code
Allow for null as a key pair value when parsing PDF object

27478: Black point and gamma values always null

26873: Blank AP form image should be ignored

27482: Exception reading XRefs

26694: Form not correctly displayed

27634: When converting a directory from jar using viewMode=content, the setting is cleared after first file

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