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JPDF2HTML5 May 2016 Release Notes

JPDF2HTML5 May 2016 Release (03/05/2016)

Next Release: 7th June 2016


  • Preperation for new and upcoming features
  • Small changes to the API
  • Desktop and Mobile fixes for Safari
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Changes and Enhancements

Background preparation for upcoming features and improvements

24660: Always have high res set to true

24692: API change – Removed methods isHiResScreenDisplay() and useHiResScreenDisplay for PdfDecoder class
Small API change as do not do anything

24707: Remove unused append variable from CustomIO.setupOutput

24664: Move font names from PostScript prefixes to unique suffixes
Change the way font naming is handled to fix a few issues and prepare the way for future enhancements.

24732: Deprecate setToolBarLink in IDRViewerOptions
org.jpedal.pdf2html.toolBarLink is now deprecated due to future improvements making it unnecessary.

24683: Ensure no deleteOnExit() in code
3 cases removed



24810: Fix bug in reading OutlineData so first page 1 and not zero

24809: Allow for non-embedded Weights of WingDings

24899: IDRViewer: Safari on MacOS – Hovering over Fullscreen button changes font weight

25104: IDRViewer: Background turns black in fullscreen mode in webkit browsers

24898: IDRViewer: Safari on iPhone – nav bar can be covered when held phone held horizontally

25105: IDRViewer: On mobile, pages not visible when switching between portrait and landscape

24219: IDRViewer: pan mode sometimes stops working when viewing files locally

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